Sourcing furniture from China

Sourcing furniture from China


The furniture business is what you would call a quiet industry in the business world. You won’t see headlines about furniture on a daily basis, but everyone’s subconsciously talking about it. Everyone uses a piece of furniture on a daily basis, whether it be a chair, a table, a bed or some other thing commonly found in a normal household. There are so many players in the furniture business and yet only a few come to mind. Ikea would probably stand out the most. The success of the furniture industry in China paved way for many manufacturers to rise in the land. These manufacturers basically offer their furniture at the same price as with everyone else in China, but they vary in terms of build, style and quality. In China, there is not one style that is the same with another because the manufacturers produce something different every day. So if you are seeking for good quality unique furniture, China can provide your requirements.

China is among the leading exporter of furniture in the world. Its success in the furniture export industry can be pinned down to many factors as cheap labor in the country, a wide consumer market, low export tariff costs and most of all, the support of foreign businesses. Aside from that, China is very rich in resources; the land has all the materials that it needs to sustain and supply its production of furniture.

Another important reasons to source furniture from China are that you have a wide selection of materials to choose for the type of furniture you want in the different Chinese factories. You can choose to have wood, metal, plastic and even paper furniture. You can choose your own design to make and usually there are factories that are quite capable of doing it for you. A large production of your furniture is the beginning of you creating your own brand.  There are many more reasons for you to consider outsourcing furniture from China.

An important thing about sourcing furniture from China, if your product looks good and is functional, people won’t normally care where it was manufactured or how much it cost. They’ll just take it home with them and it’ll become a conversation piece that could eventually lead to an effortless sale by referring your furniture to their family and friends. Also China has the biggest wholesale market and distribution center in the world, Shunde Market, just 10 kilometers away from Foshan City in Guangdong province, which is also knows as China’s furniture capital and is home of China National Council Light Industry Council and China National Furniture Association. Shunde Market extends more than 5 kilometers and is arranged by 12 rows and 20 streets. There are over 3,300 domestic and foreign furniture dealers and more than 1,500 furniture manufacturers.

Every office, house or even a room needs furniture. Furniture comes in different sizes, shapes and forms. For decades, China owned the furniture-manufacturing scene and provided most of the world with their low cost yet good quality furniture. To date, there is not one country that can compete with China’s low cost furniture most especially, if ordered in huge quantity. On top of that China’s export tariff is decreasing every now and then, which makes the trade even cheaper as the tariff drops.


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