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Reflections on 40 Years of China Sourcing


1978-2018 As our 40th anniversary year comes to an end, I look back at our business, how it came about, why we did it, and what it means today. People often ask me how CPG got started, and more specifically, why I learned Chinese way back when China was not...

Fun facts About Visiting Chinese Factories


As of late, we’ve found that our clients are not able to travel to China as often, and it has us reminiscing about these trips pre-COVID. Many interesting things have come up during our visits to factories together with our clients, such as how local people address a foreigner, joining...

Industrial Automation Beijing 2013


To further understand the manufacturing process and its developments and gain insights into the market we visited the Industrial Automation. The International Automaton Beijing offers a platform for companies to enter the industrial market in Northern China, using automation technologies. The fair is organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd....

10 Tips on how to bargain in China


10 Tips on how to bargain in China Once in China, a lot of foreigners have to get used to the bargaining practices that are needed at a market place. It speaks for itself that it would be a wise move to take along a Chinese acquaintance when strolling a...

China’s restrictions when sourcing rare earth elements


China’s restrictions when sourcing rare earth elements Have you ever heard about rare earth elements before? Most people do not know what they are but they are really important elements in many hi-technology products. China is the major producer of rare earth elements in the world, however, the Chinese government...

The History of Starbucks in China: How to make a name in a tea-drinking culture?


If we think about China's favourite beverage, tea is probably the first and unique word that comes to our mind. The dominance of this devotion makes it difficult to find another option. However, since the entrance of Starbucks in 1998, the supremacy has been attenuated. The American company has been...

First impression: Chinese foot massage


I had already spent a few days in Beijing before getting my first approach to Chinese medicine. It happened when I was walking through Wangfujin’s cold winter street with a friend who has been living for six years in this country. After an exhausting shopping afternoon, he told me: “Let’s...

First Impression Blog: Chinese Exercising


Anyone who has ever visited China has most likely been surprised in some way, either positive or negative.  This is not only due to the differences in culture, work ethics or the way of living, but mainly due to the fact that China evolved from a lot of traditions that...


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