Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Thank you for providing your expertise to the thousands of readers of China Performance Group blogs! Please submit your blog entry by email to:

Submission Requirements (English language only):

  • 300-600 words

    ― Accepted formats: Word doc, plain text, RTF, Google doc, etc.

  • A brief (2-3 sentence) bio.  You may link to other personal or professional web pages in your bio if you wish.
  • Image(s) as attachments or URLs

    ― Important note: The image(s) must be your own, or you must have license to use (purchased, Creative Commons, other)
    ― Accepted formats: [Jpeg, jpg, 600×400, etc.]

Substantive Guidelines:

  • Our audience: Our following consists mainly of entrepreneurs and SME’s importing from China. We write our blogs with the “seasoned” importer in mind – business owners that have been sourcing products from China for a long-period of time.
  • Our focus: We focus on topics closely related to management of the China supply chain, which includes issues related to communication, quality assurance, benchmarking, case studies, and popular China exports.
  • Blogs on sourcing a specific product are welcome as long as they address the process of sourcing as well as the product itself.

Introduction line: Your blog will be featured in our weekly email newsletter. Each blog submission should have a one-line introduction of its content.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about guest blogging:

What if I write more than 600 words?

We will consider longer blogs on a case by case basis. If the blog is too long, we may ask the author to split it into 2 or even present it as a series.

Do I need to include images?

Yes. Your submission must include at least one image. This makes your blog more inviting, encouraging more people to read and increasing its popularity on social media websites.

Will you edit the article?

Yes. We will proofread articles before posting. Some will get more heavily edited than others. If a post has been edited only lightly (fixing typos, spelling out acronyms, minor grammatical changes), we may post it without asking for your review. If your post is more heavily edited, we will provide you with the opportunity to review the post before we make it live.

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