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First Impressions: Non-verbal Beijing Communication


There is no denying that communication is a two-way street. Most of the time, it involves two people physically talking back and forth. However, communication can also be utilized through non-verbal language, a skill-set I have become increasingly familiar with and one that I would consider as my personal non-verbal...

Chinglish on the Menu


To help celebrate The Fourth of July, we've prepared... another installment of "The Chinglish Column!" Anyone having "Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles" for their Independence Day barbecue?

Introducing the Chinglish Column!


China is quickly developing but accurate translations of foreign languages still remain a challenge. When exploring the vast country, you can find some interesting and fun translations! This section is dedicated to making you smile. Enjoy! *Keep in mind, if a public translation could turn out like this, what could...


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