Client Testimonials

Our primary aim is complete customer satisfaction. Here’s what some of our clients have to say: (References are available upon request)


Kris Van Damme

We have been working with CPG for the last four years. They were a crucial part to the development of our sourcing program. With their help we have sourced over 150 different items and in general the Chinese market has become much more approachable. CPG provides good communication, quality control, clear record keeping and a vast network. We sincerely value their working ethics and transparency in transactions and would recommend them to any company trying to get involved with China.

Dennis Yarbrough

Babcock Power

Babcock Power has successfully utilized CPG for supplier sourcing. The staff is professional and knowledgeable; their efforts have facilitated our ability to expand our supplier base in China. CPG consistently provides the support we require to expand our supplier base in China.

Heinrich Guth

Heras Fencing Systems

Working with CPG opens the door for possibilities in China sourcing that were not accessible for us. Their services save my company time, money, and reduce travel needs. Plus, they’re always very pleasant to work with! I support and recommend CPG for any business related to China.

Michelle Sohn


We’ve been working with CPG since mid-2020. Since then, we’ve expanded our China sourcing program despite the Covid pandemic and significantly reduced our first costs. They’ve also been instrumental in implementing comprehensive quality assurance protocols.

Robert Stillman


We started working with CPG in 2018. From the very onset, they provided us with 2 valuable services: they helped us establish the quality standards we needed, and they secured sources for a very large volume of product in a short time. We have been working with them ever since on several different projects.”


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Dennis Walton

Walton Importing

My projects have progressed well with CPG. I particularly like the team’s attention to the details.

My sourcing specialist, Helen, is super switched on with putting all of the moving pieces together. She’s done a great job.

Juliette Fassett

Happy Products Inc./Flippy

I highly recommend working with China Performance group. They have been a big part of our current success.

CPG has been doing sourcing and trade liaison work since the 70’s. They’re 100% the best business partners you could imagine, since they are based IN China with an office in New Jersey. They are pros and cost effective and I can’t really say enough good things about them.


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Melissa Pillion


CPG has helped me understand and navigate my supply chain in an extremely valuable and comprehensive way that I thought was not possible before I began working with them. They are truly industry experts, and they think of ideas I would not have thought of myself to help make my supply chain efficient. Their communication is patient, responsible and effective, and I could not imagine working with any better team to manage my supply chain processes. Thank you CPG!


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Manuel Alaez

Rogue Concepts

Managing the purchasing for a small business, I was looking for financially viable ways to expand our production line while maintaining the highest quality standards. We found CPG to be indespensible for our offshore manufacturing. We are very satisfied with the attention to our quality details and the professional, responsive staff. We highly recommend CPG for any business looking to manufacture in China.

Ben Kan

Old Dutch International

For 15 years, CPG has always been there for Old Dutch International and all our home consumerods needs. I promise my customers the goods my company imports will have excellent quality and arrive right on time, and CPG makes sure I can honor both pledges.


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