Industry Experience

CPG is service focused, our product is a sourcing management system (SMS), which combines the know-how, management, and sourcing systems we have developed and honed since 1978.  Any China Sourcing program, whether the end product is electronic components, garments, tools, or pharmaceutical ingredients, requires an optimized SMS to be effective.

As we apply the SMS to our client’s programs, specific product expertise becomes an essential component of the procedure. We obtain this product expertise from the following sources:

Our customers

The primary source of expertise is always the customer, who knows best. This expertise is especially relevant in the way the product fits into their program (including packaging issues and concerns).

Industry-specific consultants

Not all customers have in-depth expertise in the product they purchase. We supplement their knowledge with the expertise of industry experts, either on a full-time or on a part-time basis.

Pre-qualified factories

Manufacturers themselves are a great source of additional expertise that can supplement the body of knowledge needed for a successful sourcing program.

In-house knowledge

Throughout its history, CPG has dealt with a wide range of products, with many different Chinese suppliers.  The combination of our SMS and product expertise means there is no product that is too difficult or too technical for CPG to handle.

The list below provides additional reference on specific industries in China and how our experience relates to each field.

Industry Experience

Agricultural Products

Rice, wheat, potatoes, corn, cotton, tea

Industrial Products

Molds, machinery parts, tubes and pipes, machinery

Arts and Crafts

Straw, garlands, resin, glass crafts, wreaths


USB drives, cell phones, electrical components


Ladies designer footwear, boots, sports footwear, protective footwearFurniture


Office chairs, bookshelves, rocking chairs, stainless steel furniture, wood furniture


Bedding, curtains, cutlery, pots and pans, mugs


Gold, silver and platinum, clasps, pendants, mounted jewelry

Luggage and Bags

Ladies handbags, leather cases and accessories, totes, travel bags and suitcases.

Raw Materials

Chemicals, Fabrics, Paper, Precious metals, rubber, silicone, silk, steel, wax, wood

Retail Products

Cookware, Christmas gifts, sunglasses, toys, board games, wigs

Pet Products

Pet toys, pet carriers, pet accessories, pet clothing


Acetylsalycilic Acid, Caffeine, Citric Acid, and Paracetamol.

Sporting Goods

Work out equipment, Backpacks and duffels, Bicycles and accessories, scooters, tents


Notebooks, pens, pencils, wallets, organizers, crayons


Chain hoists, garden tools, hand tools, work gloves

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