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10 Tips on how to bargain in China


10 Tips on how to bargain in China Once in China, a lot of foreigners have to get used to the bargaining practices that are needed at a market place. It speaks for itself that it would be a wise move to take along a Chinese acquaintance when strolling a...

First impressions: Moroccan food in Beijing


I am originally from Morocco and having spent a year in China, I started catching the homesickness bug, or should I call it the homefoodsickness. I am doing my MBA in Nanchang, Jiangxi, a small city (in Chinese standards) which is not very international, so whenever I travel to a...

First Impression: Differences in Western and Chinese TV


Born in Vietnam and subsequently emigrating to America, I feel like I have had the best of both worlds. Growing up, I would spend hours locked to my television screen watching Chinese historical dramas and soap operas, sometimes as much as 5 hours or more per day. My sisters would...

First Impressions: Using the Beijing Subway to Navigate Through the City


Anyone who has dared venture outside their apartment door is immediately greeted by the diverse sights and smells that a cultural hub like Beijing has to offer. One particularly poignant sight is the 8am rush on the Beijing subway. On the streets above, pedestrians constantly bump into each other, cars...

First Impressions: The Rise of Commercial Western Influence in China


The beauty, cuisine, and the sheer size of the homogenous population in Beijing have left many tourists blown away by its dissimilarity to the Western world. Prior to my arrival in Beijing, I had heard so many examples of these differences and perhaps it was the ultra-alertness and expectations I...

First Impressions: Chinese Social Media and Their Western Counterparts


There is a burgeoning Internet population here in China. Despite Facebook and Twitter not being available within the country, their replacements are widely used by locals who seem to be more and more addicted to these forms of Chinese social media. Types of Chinese Social Media Here in China, the...

First Impressions: A German Tsingtao Beer


Tsingtao is the brand name of one of the most popular beers that China can offer. Tsingtao beer is currently produced in Qingdao and is exported to more than 50 countries, including Germany. As you may know, Germany holds the reputation of being one of the premier beer countries in...

First Impressions: Non-verbal Beijing Communication


There is no denying that communication is a two-way street. Most of the time, it involves two people physically talking back and forth. However, communication can also be utilized through non-verbal language, a skill-set I have become increasingly familiar with and one that I would consider as my personal non-verbal...


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