The China Sourcing Solution™

China Sourcing Solution™

If you are sourcing directly from Chinese factories, it is essential to have a team onsite to manage the process and to look out for your interests. Not just any team, but a professional, experienced group of specialists who know how to get the results you need repeatedly and reliably. Having such a capable team is what we refer to as the China Sourcing Solution. But setting up an office and team in China is costly and time-consuming. And managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging. That’s where CPG, your trusted China sourcing agency, comes into play.

How We Help

China Performance Group is a highly specialized China sourcing agency that specializes in China supply chain management. We have been managing the first segment of the China supply chain since 1978 and have been fine-tuning and improving our processes over the years.

We offer a professional and managed solution, which includes your own dedicated branch office in China. Our Ultimate China Sourcing Solution™ is tailored to your specific needs and objectives, and we provide you with a dedicated sourcing team that will manage all of your sourcing processes.

Our team operates on a 30-day pulse, allowing you to stay in control and have an on-site team that works with your existing factories or finds the best ones for your products. We focus on the three essentials for a successful sourcing program (Price, Quality, and On-Time Delivery) while responding to your immediate needs.

Your Office

Our China office is based in Beijing and acts as an extension of your home office. The capital of China is an optimal sourcing location with the best transport connections to all parts of China.

This location facilitates meetings with suppliers from all regions of China because they enjoy visiting the city – and do not see it as a competitor for their own region. It is an excellent base of operation for our clients. No matter whether they are big or small, our clients get access to a team of specialists in sourcing, quality control, and logistics. And by using their own CPG sourcing team, tap into the deep experience and vast amount of practical knowledge we have acquired since 1978.

Your Sourcing Team

All Sourcing Teams consists of

  • A China-based Team Leader
  • A China-based Sourcing Specialist
  • A U.S.-based Client Success Manager

Your Sourcing Team is flexible and scalable. It can consist of many people with different functions, or it can be very small with a sharp focus on a limited mission. All teams tap into the whole CPG structure on an as-needed basis to meet the specific needs and fulfill the objectives of our clients.

Your Quality Assurance Team

This team oversees all the necessary steps required by our proprietary system to enforce conformity with client requirements and prevent quality issues from occurring. They work closely with the Sourcing Team on all products.

China has a different business culture than many other countries, and it’s important to understand and respect these differences in order to have a successful business relationship. Language barriers can be an issue when working with Chinese suppliers. Having a clear and open line of communication will ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

China has a different legal system than many other countries, and it’s important to protect your intellectual property when working with Chinese suppliers. This may involve obtaining patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and being careful about sharing sensitive information.

Quality control can be a challenge when sourcing from China, especially if you are unable to visit the factory or production facility in person. It’s important to work with a reputable supplier, have a good understanding of their quality control processes, clearly communicate your quality requirements, and have a good inspection process. 

Shipping goods from China can take longer than from other countries, and lead times for production can also be longer. To avoid delays, it’s important to factor this into your planning.

There are several ways to identify suppliers from China:

When sourcing from China, it’s important to do your due diligence and to carefully evaluate potential suppliers, their reputation and reliability. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, there is no effective recourse for importers who lose money through scams with Chinese suppliers

There are several steps involved to importing from China, and the best way to do it will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. A good sourcing company with years of experience will walk you through each step in the process.

Here are some general tips for importing from China:

  • Determine and clearly spell out your import needs
  • Find a reliable supplier: One that can provide the goods you need at a competitive price and with good quality. Be sure to carefully evaluate their reputation and track record.
  • Negotiate terms and prices: Terms of the sale, the price, delivery schedule, payment terms, and any other relevant details. 
  • Handle logistics and shipping: This can involve coordinating with your supplier, arranging for transportation, and complying with any necessary customs and import regulations.

Have a plan in place for quality control to ensure that the goods you receive meet your expectations. This may involve inspecting the goods before they are shipped or having them inspected by a third party.

A sourcing team in China with local expertise and knowledge of the market is invaluable. Not just for companies unfamiliar with the country and its business practices but for all buyers. Such a team will be your eyes and ears and will act to protect your interests. 

A team of employees fluent in Chinese and familiar with Chinese culture will overcome language and cultural barriers, represent you on-site in real-time, and support you with quality control. They also help negotiate better prices and terms with Chinese suppliers and are aware of opportunities and challenges at the grassroots level in the supply chain.

Some people use these words interchangeably but there are differences between a sourcing agent or company.

It’s difficult to provide a specific timeline for identifying a suitable manufacturer for your sourcing requirements, as it will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of your product, the specific requirements you have, the volume you need, and the availability of manufacturers that meet your needs. Generally speaking, the process of identifying a suitable manufacturer can take anywhere from a week to several months.

Payment terms are a key component of the buyer/seller relationship because they affect cash flow and risk for both buyers and sellers. Generally speaking, a manufacturer needs cash to make goods and a buyer prefers to pay when the goods are received.  

There are several modes of payment that can be used to pay Chinese suppliers and such terms depend on negotiations and relationships.  It should be noted that there are costs associated with mitigating payment terms risks.

Some common options include:

  • Progress payments: This is the most common mode of payment with most suppliers: a down payment of about 30% upon order placement, followed by the balance upon shipment or balance against bill of lading.
  • Payment terms:  Payment after receipt of the goods either with terms (Typically 30 to 60 days) or at sight. 
  • Letter of credit (L/C): a payment guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of a buyer to a seller’s bank. 
  • Escrow service.
  • Third party-funding.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legally binding contract that prohibits one party from disclosing certain information to others. An NDA can help to protect confidential information that is shared with clients and suppliers. This can be especially important if the information has value to the business or if its disclosure could harm the business in some way.

NDAs can help to maintain trust between clients and suppliers by ensuring that sensitive information is kept confidential. NDAs manage risk by reducing the likelihood that confidential information will be disclosed or misused. This can be especially important in industries where the risk of intellectual property infringement is high.

Some valuable services provided by sourcing companies include:

  • Supplier identification
  • Supplier verification (i.e., evaluating whether they are reputable and capable of meeting the business’s needs)
  • Negotiation and contracts (including pricing, payment terms, tooling agreements, etc.)
  • Quality assurance
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Market research and analysis
  • Product customization

Sourcing companies are essential for all importers who deal directly with manufacturers and make goods in China to order. 

Sourcing from China refers to the process of obtaining goods or materials from China for use in business operations.

The short answer is “to protect their interests and ensure success.”  For more details, note the advantages a sourcing team provides:

  • Expertise: A sourcing team in China has local expertise and knowledge of the market, which can be valuable for companies that are unfamiliar with the country and its business practices.
  • Language and cultural barriers: A local sourcing team that is fluent in Chinese and familiar with Chinese culture can help to overcome language and cultural barriers, which can be challenging for foreign companies.
  • Quality control: A sourcing team can help with quality control by inspecting goods and ensuring that they meet the required standards before they are shipped.
  • Negotiation: A sourcing team can help with negotiating prices and terms with Chinese suppliers, which can be especially useful if you are not fluent in Chinese or familiar with Chinese business practices.
  • Time and cost savings: Working with a sourcing team can save time and reduce costs by handling tasks such as finding suppliers, coordinating logistics, and handling customs and import paperwork.

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