The China Sourcing Solution™

China Sourcing Solution™

If you are sourcing directly from Chinese factories, it is essential to have a team onsite to manage the process and to look out for your interests. Not just any team, but a professional, experienced group of specialists who know how to get the results you need repeatedly and reliably. Having such a capable team is what we refer to as the China Sourcing Solution. But setting up an office and team in China is costly and time-consuming. And managing such a team effectively from a distance is challenging. That’s where CPG, your trusted China sourcing agency, comes into play.

How We Help

China Performance Group is a highly specialized China sourcing agency that specializes in China supply chain management. We have been managing the first segment of the China supply chain since 1978 and have been fine-tuning and improving our processes over the years.

We offer a professional and managed solution, which includes your own dedicated branch office in China. Our Ultimate China Sourcing Solution™ is tailored to your specific needs and objectives, and we provide you with a dedicated sourcing team that will manage all of your sourcing processes.

Our team operates on a 30-day pulse, allowing you to stay in control and have an on-site team that works with your existing factories or finds the best ones for your products. We focus on the three essentials for a successful sourcing program (Price, Quality, and On-Time Delivery) while responding to your immediate needs.

Your Office

Our China office is based in Beijing and acts as an extension of your home office. The capital of China is an optimal sourcing location with the best transport connections to all parts of China.

This location facilitates meetings with suppliers from all regions of China because they enjoy visiting the city – and do not see it as a competitor for their own region. It is an excellent base of operation for our clients. No matter whether they are big or small, our clients get access to a team of specialists in sourcing, quality control, and logistics. And by using their own CPG sourcing team, tap into the deep experience and vast amount of practical knowledge we have acquired since 1978.

Your Sourcing Team

All Sourcing Teams consists of

  • A China-based Team Leader
  • A China-based Sourcing Specialist
  • A U.S.-based Client Success Manager

Your Sourcing Team is flexible and scalable. It can consist of many people with different functions, or it can be very small with a sharp focus on a limited mission. All teams tap into the whole CPG structure on an as-needed basis to meet the specific needs and fulfill the objectives of our clients.

Your Quality Assurance Team

This team oversees all the necessary steps required by our proprietary system to enforce conformity with client requirements and prevent quality issues from occurring. They work closely with the Sourcing Team on all products.

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