CPG The Inside Team - China Sourcing Solution

The Inside Team is a concept we developed to provide you with all the advantages of having your own dedicated, highly trained, experienced, and accountable sourcing team in China without the management burden.  

Normally, it would take years of sustained and dedicated management to develop such a team of specialists.  But CPG provides this resource to its clients so that they instantly secure a professional team that is dedicated to them.  Over time, the team becomes so familiar with the client’s vision and key objectives as well as its products, concerns, and priorities that it truly becomes their team within CPG’s organization.

Finding, hiring, training, and managing a team of sourcing specialists is hard, but managing a CPG team is designed to be easy.  The CPG system enables the client to guide and control their team through its specialized and proprietary interface, based on translating the client’s vision into SMART action steps.   

Not only that, but a small CPG team can tap into all the resources and experience of CPG as a whole, and the team can be expanded on an as-needed basis.

CPG China sourcing Operations

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