CPG Partners


Inventory Financing

Kickfurther is the world’s first online inventory financing platform built for growing, cashflow-minded businesses working with consumer packaged goods (CPGs).

– Immediately fund 100% of your inventory order and make no payments on new inventory until after it sells
– Customize your payment timeline to when you expect to receive revenue to keep cash flow healthy
– Doesn’t act as a debt on your books
– Cost is a small markup on the cost of goods that can be covered by volume discounts
– Funding limits scale alongside your growth

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High Mountain Marketing

Building Brand Resilience

High Mountain Marketing leverages 30+ years of hands-on experience & key contacts to assist brands in meeting their business objectivesHigh Mountain will develop and fortify every aspect of your Brand & product line: Logo, Packaging, Product Sourcing, Displays, POP, POS, PR, Trade Show Booth, Ads, Website, Social Media and more.  In the ever-evolving world of bringing products to market, having the right knowledge can be the difference between success and failure.  You CAN avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that most entrepreneurs run into. 

High Mountain Marketing offers a direct, cost efficient & effective way of bringing your product to consumers.

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Optimize Supplier Payments Overseas

PingPong optimizes your capital management overseas by creating localized access to suppliers, helping to secure your transactions, lower transaction costs and providing a centralized hub for all your business transactions. 

PingPong can seamlessly sync with your existing business platforms allowing you to manage your international business on a single digital platform.

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Global E-Commerce Experts

Expanding Online Businesses into the EU & UK

Global E-Commerce Experts is the premier one-stop destination for any E-Commerce Seller providing a total end-to-end solution. They offer not only VAT and Tax services but also 3PL Storage and Fulfillment via their warehouse and E-Commerce Account Management amongst other essential services. The team at Global E-Commerce Experts comprises a diverse group of specialists with experience in various elements of business development and expansion. Their team is made up of first-tier financial management consultants, tax advisors, bookkeeping specialists as well as branding product specialists with expertise in advertising, marketing, public relations and social media.

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