Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

At CPG we believe that just because you’re buying goods from third party factories abroad that doesn’t mean you should be completely removed from the process. Quite the opposite. We think you should be completely aware of all day to day activities of your sourcing program. And we understand that once in a while you must come to China, if nothing else to reconnect with the place and with your suppliers. There are no substitutes for face-to-face meeting with suppliers. CPG’s Travel Assistance provides a structure to these important and time-consuming trips.


We plan ahead with you to ensure maximum efficiency for your China trip. We identify your specific travel objectives and work with you to set an optimal itinerary and ensure that your goals are met in the shortest time and the most effective way.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

We will take care of all your travel plans including flight itinerary, airport pickup, and accommodations. For your convenience, we can arrange lodging at preferred locations with our exclusive corporate rates.

Factory Visit Arrangements

Your factory visits are usually the most important reasons for your trip to China. We can arrange factories to visit at the Beijing office and let them present new products and ideas there (much more efficient: you could easily meet 4 factories in one day), or we can plan your internal china travel to specific factory sites. A member of your sourcing team at CPG can accompany you on your visit acting as guide, advisor and interpreter.

Interpreter Services

CPG’s interpreters don’t just interpret the language: they interpret the situation. Unlike other interpreters, CPG’s sourcing interpreters understand your product, the import/export terminology, the order history and the background of the factories. This allows you to communicate effectively with your suppliers and to get your point across without misunderstandings.

Expo and Fair Services

Often, it is valuable to include trade fairs and expos in your visit. These are a good source of ideas, new products and possible insights as to what your competition is doing. Whether you target the Canton Fair or the smaller, more specialized trade fairs throughout China. CPG will assist will all aspects of the experience.

Usage of Facilities

When you’re away from your home office, business does not stop. We expect you to use our office in Beijing as if it was your own. CPG offers you complete use of the facilities including desk space, high-speed Internet, and conference room usage.


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