Life at CPG

Life at CPG

CPG’s most precious assets are its employees.  And the most valuable part of CPG’s employees is their mind.  How they use it to communicate, to interact, to innovate, to help other people, to improve and to create a rich, multi-cultural experience.

We believe in a management processes where every employee has a voice.

Every member of the CPG team becomes a unique part of a larger entity moving towards a common goal.

We aim to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and development.  Every aspect of our service is written into procedures for which employees can become certified.  Since employees are in the frontline of the work, they understand its unique challenges and opportunities, and so they have a big say in making changes in the procedures if they are required.

Management at CPG relies on long term vision, progressively narrowed down to 1 year plans and quarterly goals for each employee.  Here too, open discourse is strongly encouraged and a weekly cadence of meetings reinforces the vision and the goals.

Fourth of July PicnicCPG’s headquarters are in New Jersey USA and its largest office is in Beijing.  The daily interaction between the two locations reinforces the cultural advantage that CPG provides its clients.  In Beijing, CPG welcomes interns from all over the world to share their knowledge and promote cultural diversity.

CPGers are proud to bridge the gap between the East and West in both business and culture. Doing this is a basic requirement when our mission is to provide the best possible service to clients from Europe and the USA.

Service starts with a positive mindset and understanding. It requires good communications, language skills, flexibility and adaptability. This is an environment that CPG has nurtured since the beginning in 1978.

We believe in the phrase “Work hard, play hard.” Consistent performance doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. CPG provides many opportunities to socialize and get to know coworkers. Some examples are:

English Corner:

Improve your oral or written English or brush up on your vocabulary and grammar. English Corner covers a range of topics structured to provide a fun relaxed learning environment for CPGers.

Events and Outings:

CPG organizes events every year to give employees a chance to socialize outside of the work place.


The CPG blog gives CPGers a chance to share their experiences with the world and get credit for their insights.

Find out more about how you can be part of the future growth of China Performance Group. View our Positions Available page.



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