Buying Products From China

When buying direct products from China ask yourself 3 simple questions:  

Why Buy Directly from China?

Are you looking into buying direct products from China to save production costs? Most importers look to China as a source because they are looking for quality products at a low price to maximize their profit margins and/or compete with other companies. China is amongst the most reliable low cost sources for most consumer and industrial goods.


You can buy directly from China about any product these days.

  • What kind of buying?
    • Personal use: Single product bought on an online platform such as Alibaba and shipped directly to one’s address via DHL or Fedex
    • Resale: China direct buying in bulk to resell to distributors, retailers or consumers
    • Component parts: To add value to a manufacturing program, i.e. parts or accessories for products made in the USA.
    • Promotional purposes – marketing materials, gifts.
  • What products can you buy direct from China? You can buy just about any product direct from China these days, including:
    • Raw materials and components
    • Complex and/or tech-intensive products
    • Basic consumer products – footwear, garments, jewelry.

For more see our Industry Experience page or our blog on the Best Product Categories to Source From China.


China direct buying is easy. But making sure the goods arrive the way intended and on time is hard.  Depending on your product, your objectives and your business size, there are many different ways to make sure the products you buy arrive in the way you expected:

Trading company: 

Reputable trading companies usually buy a specialized array of different products from China. There are various trading companies that cater to different industries and they have a vested interest in making sure the product they deliver conforms to your expectations.

On the Internet:

The internet has made all things possible. With platforms like Alibaba and Aliexpress, suppliers are now at your fingertips. But you will need to do your due diligence to verify and validate each supplier before working with them.

From a distributor:

Distributors specialize in a specific product range which they supply to retailers, which then sell them to consumers. Most distributors have warehouses in the USA for quick delivery and offer easy payment terms.

Direct from a manufacturer:

You can skip the middle-men, go straight to the source and get the best prices. But this requires a bit more effort. Buying products direct from Chinese factories means it is up to you to ensure they arrive as planned. Many importers turn to sourcing agents, or sourcing companies that offer on-site sourcing services to support their direct access.

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