Research Services

Research Services

The first step before moving forward in China is access to accurate information. With our China Research Services, you can be sure you’re fully prepared as you take that next step.

In China, reliable data and information are questionable at best. As your procurement specialist we give you access to accurate and reliable information, which is often critical to understanding the market, company, or factory that you are working with.

When gathering information, CPG utilizes and compares a wide range of sources in order to present the most reliable data. When working with CPG, you are tapping into a wide and well-established network of reliable information.

Sources include:

  • Key industry stakeholder interviews
  • CPG retained intelligence
  • Public domain sources
  • CPG analysts expertise

CPG’s reports are researched and written to provide an unbiased view which presents the most factual and realistic information to the reader. The research reports are tailor-made to maximize the effectiveness of each report within given budgets and project guidelines. After understanding the customer’s objective, our china sourcing specialists will provide a recommendation of what the most critical information is and how to effectively execute the project to achieve that objective.

Timeliness is another important factor and CPG delivers reports on time and according to a predetermined schedule so that you are prepared for your project.

Research and Reporting Services:

These are examples of some studies that CPG can perform.

1. Factory Reporting and Due Diligence:

Research and conduct due diligence on a specific factory. Confirm a factory’s location, production capacity, claims, and uncover other relevant information. These reports often are combined with an on-site visit to a factory by one of our Quality Control Experts.

2. Market Research:

Get the market data you need to evaluate manufacturing in China.

3. Price Point Study:

Check price points of different factories around China to see if your manufacturer is still competitive, or if you should consider moving your production to China.

4. Feasibility Study:

A full feasibility study will reveal how a China sourcing program will affect your bottom line and the different options available.

5. Sourcing Study:

Get a report that covers the sourcing of a specific item or your whole product line from China and develop a plan to execute an effective sourcing program.

6. Intellectual Property Study:

Find out if your product is being copied in China. Determine the best strategy to protect your intellectual property. Evaluate the risks and benefits of bringing an IP project to China.

7. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study:

An analysis of the impacts of company practices on social and environmental factors, which can help to move towards more ethically-oriented practices, which may also include elements of sustainability.

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