Leadership Team

Mr. Michael De Clercq


Mr. De Clercq brings over 40 years of hands-on experience to CPG and has been personally involved in all aspects of China supply chain management including negotiating contracts, establishing quality control structures, strengthening supply chain management, and securing better financial terms.

Mr. Evan Xu

Director China Operations

Mr. Evan Xu is CPG’s Director of China Operations and has been with China Performance Group since 1993. He performs a wide range of functions in this position, including product research, vendor relations, factory audits, supply chain analysis, and logistics.
He maintains a large network of contacts and relationships in different parts of China with a focus on constantly improving the efficiency and quality of CPG’s services. Mr. Evan Xu is a well-known consumer goods sourcing expert in China.

Ms. Laura Dow

Business Director

Laura joined CPG in June 2018 and manages growth and its key components: business development, marketing, client success, and finance. In her role, she establishes company growth objectives, creates and implements strategies and procedures to optimize performance, and oversees budgets and financial activities.

Laura began working in China in 2006 as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sichuan province. She holds a Master’s in International Affairs and Chinese Studies from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Ms. Dow speaks English and Mandarin fluently.

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Ms. Coral Li

Sourcing Manager

Coral Li graduated from Langfang Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and has a major in International Project Management from the University of International Business and Economics.

Coral joined CPG in the beginning of 2011 and became qualified in various disciplines such as product research, vendor qualification and management, order management, logistic management, client communication and client trip support.

The team she manages is mainly focused on sourcing, quality assurance, logistics and research of industrial products, such as boiler units & attachments, mobile fence & fittings, electrically-operated gates & fittings, castings, wind-solar hybrid streetlights, etc.

Coral speaks Mandarin and English fluently.

Mr. Michael Zhang

Business Intelligence Manager

Mr. Zhang has been with CPG for over 20 years and manages the research and analysis department.
Mr. Zhang is proficient in market research, competitive analysis and sales and marketing planning. He has special experience in the field of machinery, building and construction materials, and environmental products.
He is fluent in English and his native language is Mandarin

Mr. Chris Volz

Client Success Manager

Chris brings over 20 years’ experience to CPG from many different vertical markets, most recently corporate transportation.   In roles that include account management, business development and marketing his primary goal has always been the success of the client.  He attributes his success to empathy, attention to detail and innovative ideas.  He has a BS in Chemistry and is currently pursuing an additional degree in IT and Networking.

Jack Li

QA Team Leader

Jack graduated in 2011 from Henan Institute of Technology with a major in Design and Manufacturing of Mould. He Joined CPG in 2013.

He promotes teamwork and is committed to ensuring that the ordered products meet the quality criteria confirmed by our customer.

He reports to Coral and each sourcing team, working together to prevent quality problems.

Christina Zhao

Sourcing Team Leader

Christina majored in International Economics and Trade from Anyang Institute of Technology, and she joined CPG in 2016.

She is very familiar with international trade process and relevant rules. With more than 8 years of experiences in international business, she will handle your day-to-day operations professionally. She is good at communicating with people.

She directly supervises your sourcing program and is responsible for your sourcing team’s performance. She sends you the Monthly Report.

Christina is fluent in English and Mandarin. She reports to Coral.

Helen Li 

Sourcing Team Leader

Helen graduated from Beijing Zhongxing College of Business Management with a major in Business English. She has a good command of English. She joined CPG in 2017.

Helen started working in purchasing and international trade after graduating from college and has been working in the field for nearly ten years. During that time she accumulated a lot of experience in sourcing and business negotiation.

She directly supervises your sourcing program and is responsible for your sourcing team’s performance. She sends you the Monthly Report.

Helen is fluent in English and Mandarin. She reports to Coral.

Jesse Alterman

Operations & Insights

Jesse joined CPG’s team in 2022. Before CPG, she worked with thousands of Chinese students and developed a passion for international relations. She holds a Masters in Finance from Liberty University. Her role includes analyzing marketing insights and operational accounting. She is responsible for CPG’s publications, marketing endeavors, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

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