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CPG’s Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2024


  Welcome to CPG's 2024 Q3 Newsletter! Our newsletters summarize recent events and cover China supply chain trends. In this installment, we discuss China travel, quality assurance, freight pricing, ASD Market Week, geopolitics, and more. As always, we welcome your feedback – please tell us what you think. We wish...

The Return to China Pt 2: 8 Tips for a Great Sourcing Trip 


In our last travel blog, The Return to China Pt 1, we covered how to carefully plan and prepare a trip to China for a factory visit or a trade fair. And, due to the complexities and challenges of such a grueling international trip, many companies are choosing not to...

The Return to China Pt 1: 4 Tips Business Travelers Must Know When Traveling to China


If your business relies on China sourcing, there’s a good chance you’ve waited more than three years for an in-person visit and this has affected your supply chain management in China. Now, the time has come. China has eased its travel restrictions and has ended its zero-Covid policy – but...

Sourcing from China using Wholesale Markets


Chinese wholesale markets are a great tool for anyone looking to experiment with importing goods for their small business. In this guide, we will cover wholesale markets in China, and important tips on dealing with wholesale suppliers and importing. Why buy direct from China wholesale markets?  Wholesale markets in China...

Fun facts About Visiting Chinese Factories


As of late, we’ve found that our clients are not able to travel to China as often, and it has us reminiscing about these trips pre-COVID. Many interesting things have come up during our visits to factories together with our clients, such as how local people address a foreigner, joining...

China Travel Restrictions: What Can You Do?


Before COVID19, it was very common for suppliers to travel the US to meet with clients, and for importers to travel to China to meet manufacturers and attend fairs and expos. Such travel would often occur 3-4 times per year. A couple of weeks ago, we said there would be...

No China travel until end of 2022


One of our clients was so determined to meet his China suppliers in person that he traveled to China, stayed in quarantine (isolated in a hotel) for two weeks and subjected himself to all the required testing. After two weeks, he was told he would have to stay an additional...

Covid-19 and Global Travel


The COVID-19 coronavirus is going to have a major impact on the global economy, this is now undeniable. We discussed the various impacts of the virus around the world in our last blog, “Covid-19 Affecting Your Supply Chain?” While the pandemic affects everyone—individuals and companies alike—one of the hardest hit...


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