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Sample Survey: Surveys Overview


This is a test Survey page to show how new surveys are displayed on the Home page of the Client Management system. The home page will show all new items posted within the last month. After a month, you can still find surveys under the survey tab which can be...

Sample Client Survey


This is a Sample Survey visible only to client accounts. This is managed by assigning this to the Survey category and checking only "Client" in "CPG File Management Home Page Options"

Sample Employee Survey


This survey is visible only to Employees. To accomplish this, create a new post, categorize under "Surveys" and check only "Employees" under "CPG File Management Home Page Options".

Website Feedback Survey


In our efforts to constantly improve the experience of our users and clients, we have provided this Website Feedback Survey to get a better perspective of our website user experience. Please answer the following questions as honestly and completely as possible. Your opinion is important to us. For your background:...

Employee Suggestion Box


Employee Suggestion Box Do you have any suggestions/comments/complaints* for how we can improve life at CPG? For example: Ideas for company events Enhancements to the office environment Suggestions for improving management Improvements to our service Please let us know of anything that you think would make your time here at...


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