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The Pros and Cons of Having a China Sourcing Office


A China sourcing agency is the best way to support a sourcing program: all your issues are addressed from placing orders to quality assurance to on-time delivery.  But (there always seems to be a “but”) it requires an investment. How do we know all that? Well, we have one, obviously....

China Sourcing Office Common Challenges


When sourcing from China, to maximize your profits, ensure predictability and reliability, and make sure your interests are protected, you need to have a good team. Many companies get a “sourcing team” either by hiring agents or independent contractors. But for some companies, this means opening their own China sourcing...

The Resilient China Supply Chain


As we emerge from the Covid19 supply chain nightmare and dust ourselves off, we note that some companies were able to react immediately to market opportunities. They placed orders and planned deliveries, secure in their knowledge that their supply chain will deliver.  Those companies did really well when the market...

Late Delivery? 3 Tips on Overcoming China Sourcing Delays


There are many delays that can occur when sourcing from China, but most can be avoided or minimized with the right preparation. Below are a few tips that can reduce the risk of delay and mitigate its damage when it occurs: Place orders early: You’ll want to start the sourcing...

The 3 Essentials Importers Must Master when Sourcing from China


All three must be controlled or the results could be unfortunate.   Importers sourcing from China do so because they are looking for ways to save.  They want to outsmart the competition and get their product to market at an unbeatable price.  More than just buying a product at the...

Sourcing Masks From China: Certifications, Customs & Lead Times


By now, the need to wear a mask might seem like old news. However, as wearing a mask is part of our "new normal," it might be easy to forget the importance of using a good quality and the right kind of mask, especially in high-risk environments. The Market Sourcing...

US-China trade war – 5: A bully in the China Shop


There are two stages to solving a trade dispute: Stage 1: Bringing your opponent to the table.Show that you have a case, that you are determined, that you will not flinch. Stage 2: Reaching an agreement. Finding common ground; showing respect and understanding; establishing trust and conveying reliability. Bullying is...

US-China trade war – Predicting the unpredictable


In January I made a prediction on what would happen in March, namely: “… it will get better, … the new 25% tariffs will not be imposed and … previous tariffs will be reduced over time.” Time for me to eat humble pie.  Here we are in June, and after...


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