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Supply Chain Planning for Omnichannel Retail


For years, many retail companies have been moving towards online stores and shopping, and the pandemic served to accelerate this trend. Being the end user, this meant new choices and new experiences, real multiple channels to buy merchandise. For businesses supplying these end users, omnichannel retail has become a hot...

Cheap Factories and Your China Sourcing Program


Recently, I read an article on, “The Danger of Choosing a ‘Cheap’ Chinese Factory.” The objective of most companies with China sourcing programs is to save money, it stands to reason that many importers are looking for cheap Chinese factories. But what happens when saving money becomes, in effect,...

China Direct Buying: The Most Profitable Products to Source from China


“Made In China” goods are all around the world ranging from jeans to television sets. Historically, importers interested in China direct buying sourced mainly petroleum, textiles, and clothing. But nowadays, the export portfolio has increased to leather, travel goods, toys and games, electronics, machinery, footwear, and anything you can imagine....

Case Study: Leadership and Structure in Sourcing a New Product


Background Getting a foothold in a burgeoning market can be daunting.  Every decision can make or break your venture.  Trying to manage this process while sourcing in China only compounds the challenge. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns began to dominate the business marketplace, one promotional products company had...

China Sourcing: Improving Chinese Supplier Performance


Importers who have gone through the trouble of researching, qualifying, and building a relationship with their Chinese suppliers are sometimes hesitant to change, even when the quality of their services and output begins to decline. This desire to not want to “rock the boat” with suboptimal suppliers is what we...

China Sourcing Expert Explains 5 Methods to Process Brand Logos


A logo is the symbolic embodiment of a corporate image or product image. As a China sourcing agent, I can attest that one of the most important functions of a logo is identification. It is easy for consumers to distinguish similar products of different enterprises or different companies in the...

Why a pre-shipment inspection is essential


When you’re sourcing from China it is necessary to get your goods checked. After the shipment is done, the transfer is irreversible. Therefore it is wise to do a pre-shipment inspection (PSI). In this blog, the steps that are taken in the pre-shipment inspection will be reviewed. Before companies decide...

Press Release: 2013 Year of the Snake – Sourcing from a Changing China


YEAR OF THE SNAKE: SOURCING FROM A CHANGING CHINA Join us for an exclusive breakfast symposium to learn how China’s changes with impact YOUR business.        March 13, New Jersey – The Alternative Board (TAB) and Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. are sponsoring a breakfast symposium with a...


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