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China Sourcing Alternatives: Is it time to move?


Given the current climate surrounding China, various factors have caused importers to ask if sourcing from China is still the right choice for their supply chain. Uncertainty due to tariffs/Trade war, rising labor costs and COVID-19 have sparked a lot of concerns. Is it time to search for China sourcing...

Buy Direct from China vs US


American-made vs China-bought has been a hot topic as of late. With the recent political climate, the trade war, and tariffs, more and more importers are looking to move their supply chain management in China home. But is that really in their best interest? Should importers buy direct from China...

Sourcing from China: Robots to beat tariffs?


Current tariffs and selling restrictions with China have been an ongoing and popular topic in the press and an especially important issue for businesses sourcing from China. One of the benefits of this kind of activity is that importers are focused on reducing COGS (Cost of goods sold). A recent...

The China Trade War: The First Phase Agreement


In the game of business, there are two categories of players: the buyers and the sellers. When negotiating contract terms, the buyers have the upper hand and the sellers cooperate for obvious reasons – they want to close the sale. Most of the time, buyers are well prepared and know...

China Performance Group: Top 5 CPG Sourcing Blogs


Here are CPG, we enjoy writing blogs that add value to our readers. We have previously written about other China sourcing blogs that we enjoy as well, that also provide valuable sourcing information to our readers and customer base. In writing blogs, it is our goal to provide importers with...

China Tariffs: Import Surge Filling Warehouses to Capacity


As importers are finding ways around the tariffs, warehouses are now filling up to capacity, posing a new problem for importers, according to this article from The Supply Chain Brain, Tariff Fears Caused US Import Surge. Now Warehouses Are Full. One of the largest warehouse complexes near the Long Beach...

US-China Trade War: Time to change gears?


“Things are going very well with China” tweeted Trump after imposing new tariffs on China imports.  The stock market crashed on the news.  Easy fix: Trump backed off the tariffs on Tuesday and the stocks rebounded.  But then they crashed again, worse than before. I wrote the previous blog in...

China trade war – No worries


We have all heard that Trump has now ordered new tariffs of 10% on about $300 billion of goods for September.  And yes, this means whatever it is you are importing will be affected. Gone are the leisurely days of operating in a predictable environment.  Remember when you could quietly...


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