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The Evolution of IP Protection in China


China has been heavy in the media lately, mostly because of the US-China Trade War. However, a recent article from the Economist’s Schumpeter blog caught our eye. In the midst of all the news on tariffs, this article, Chinese Firms are not all serial intellectual-property thieves, actually highlights some of...

The 2 Rules Importers Should Know About Politics and China Sourcing


“China Hating” is a popular thing to do in politics.  It gets votes for Democrats and Republicans alike.  It also affects companies that import from China.  So much so that many are becoming concerned and wondering about the future of their supply chain.    Should importers stop buying from China because...

How to Trademark Your Product in China


How to Trademark Your Product in China Here are ten steps that will explain how to trademark your product in China, so take a look for the step-by-step explanation of the registration process below. 1.    Choose a trademark agent Unless your company has had a business presence in China, you...

Five important tips to protect your trademark in China


Five important tips to protect your trademark in China   Once known for their inadequate intellectual property rights laws, China has evolved and strengthened their policies to better protect domestic and foreign trademarks since they’ve joined the WTO. However it remains vital to understand these laws in order to maintain your...

What Taxes is a Chinese Factory Paying?


Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It is true that no enterprise in the world can avoid paying taxes, which poses the question: What taxes do Chinese factories currently pay? The following post will outline the various types...

Intellectual Property Rights and China in the 21st Century


Sourcing in China can reap numerous benefits including, but not limited to, large economies of scale, cheap but increasingly sophisticated labor, and a strong infrastructure. However, one of the common fears overcoming of which is a key to properly exploiting the potential that manufacturing in China holds is understanding the...


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