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CSR/ESG and Sourcing – Who Cares Wins


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is a big deal in business these days but why is that? What exactly is ESG?  Are you taking the right steps to benefit from it? In this blog, I will review ESG, how it interacts with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and how this rapidly growing...

How to identify the “best fit” Chinese supplier/manufacturer


In this highly competitive world in which there are many possible Chinese suppliers and manufacturers for your goods, it can be difficult to identify the one which may be the “best fit” to meet specific needs and requirements. In an April 2019 blog, we addressed a similar issue: How-to of...

Chinese Shoe “Dumping” and European Retaliation


What Does "Dumping" Mean? In economic terms, "dumping" is used to describe any type of predatory pricing, especially when dealing with international trade. In particular, when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price either below the price charged in its home market, or in quantities that are...


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