Who is China Performance Group & How Do We Approach China Sourcing?

China Performance Group

CPG is most commonly known as an acronym for Consumer Packaged Goods. And when you think of CPG, as an importer, things like apparel and footwear come to mind – things that get used up and have to be replaced frequently. So naturally, if you already know you have to replace it, you more than likely want to get the best deal, right? However, restocking challenges can be frustrating when it comes to your China sourcing program, as illustrated in an interesting article I came across recently by Kevin O’Marah, a Forbes Contributor, called “CPG: The Post-Replenishment Supply Chain Challenge.”

That’s where we come in. Maybe you heard about us from a colleague or friend. Maybe you came across our website through a Google search. Regardless of the medium, you’re here and you have questions. Recently, we have been fielding calls left and right – Who is CPG?  And what do they do?

When it all comes down to it, regardless of your experience or background, we add value and create wealth for our clients. For the veteran importer, it is simple: We are your Ultimate China Sourcing Solution. However, for less experienced importers who are just starting out their business ventures in China, it is a little more complex and difficult to explain.

We are a China sourcing management company, in short. We provide essential support to those importers who seek excellence from their China supply chain. We offer “The China Sourcing Solution,” a superior approach to the particular problem of managing complicated businesses from a distance and extracting maximum benefits from the supply chain. This is where the complexity comes in; there is no one-size-fits-all. We offer this support in a number of different ways:

1. Consulting: We offer advice on a consulting basis through what we like to call “The Executive Briefing.” We offer two types of briefings, both of which are interactive. Depending on how in depth you are willing to go into your China sourcing program, we usually recommend the Executive Briefing #2, to get you the most value. However, either option will provide you with great insight and perspective, and add value to your current China sourcing

2. Analysis: We offer a unique and in depth analysis of your current China sourcing We would evaluate your current system, compare this to our proven process and procedures, and make recommendations based on facts and research. This would all be delivered to you in a final report that would also include any monetary value of improvements we may recommend.

3. Sourcing Team: Maybe you have a sourcing team already and just a little additional support. Or maybe you don’t have a China sourcing office at all and need one. However big or small, we can customize to fit your business model and be your professional sourcing team that acts as an extension of your own office. Affordable, reliable and without the fuss of having to manage and pay for an additional office halfway across the world. We manage the China sourcing team, you manage us. Simple as that.

4. Expertise: We have collected a wealth of knowledge in China sourcing over the last 35+ years in business. We feel is it our responsibility to share this knowledge, whether it is about RFQ, Quality Assurance, Logistics – you name it! We have been met with and overcome every challenge and we want to help you through your own obstacles.

Still confused? Head over to our Services page for more in-depth information.

By Jocelyn Trigueros

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