Wire Mesh in China

The use of wire mesh in construction works is almost innumerable. However, many foreign companies who are in the market to buy wire mesh in China are unfamiliar with this small county – Anping, “the home of wire mesh.” This should serve as an introduction to Anping and its unique features that foreign companies should become more familiar with.

Wire mesh in China

Anping statue

Anpings’s history dates back to the age of the Ming dynasty. It is located in the JiZhong plain, named for its flat terrain, peaceful lifestyle and working environment. It has a history of more than 4,000 years and is the earliest established county in Hengshui city. Today Anping contains many major industries with over 100,000 employees and one of the largest wire mesh markets in the world.

The wire mesh industry has a history of 500 years, which is also the mainstay of industry in Anping. Throughout the years of development it has become highly profitable and vital for Anping’s growth. The city has been aptly named the ‘Anping Wire Mesh Macrocosm’.

Anping wire mesh

Wire Mesh Factory

The Three Essential Features of Anping Wire Mesh:

  1. Large Scale Production
    The production of wire mesh in China is concentrated in more than ten villages and cities around Anping and the annual production of wire drawing is up to 1.4 million tons and knit mesh is up to 250 million square meters.
  2. Vast Selection of Wire Mesh
    The wire mesh has developed 8 series, including welded wire mesh, and galvanized diamond wire mesh. All the products together consist of over 400 types and 6,000 standards, which are used in many fields.
  3. High Contribution to the Economy
    The wire mesh industry contributes to the annual tax, which consists of 70% of the total tax of Anping. The industry has become the major force of Anping’s economy, pulling the entire local economy up every year.

Three Highlights of Anping Wire Mesh that put it ahead of its competitors

First of all, a unique and professional international exhibition has successfully been held every year in Anping since 2001 that has seen over 50,000 participants from Anping and abroad. Among the participants of the Anping International Wire Mesh Expo, foreign merchants made up more than 2,000 of those taking part. The exhibition brings together visitors from the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, and Sweden, encompassing up to a total of more than 30 countries and regions.

Another highlight is investment. Recently, Anping invested 10 billion yuan to build a production base for wire mesh, which covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers. The first stage of engineer construction has been completed and once all the projects are finished, Anping will further secure itself as the production hub for wire mesh.

The last highlight discussed here is the unique, international, and professional market. Anping has the professional market mechanisms to become a production hub for wire mesh, including information publishing, employee training, quality inspection, and international exhibitions. Moreover, Anping has built ‘Anping Wire Mesh Macrocosm’ which has developed into the biggest distribution center in China, integrating products trade, cargo transfer, banking accounts, information publishing, and quality inspection.

Wire mesh made in China

Anping Wire Mesh Expo

Anping will continue to advance its development in order to provide leading products with lower prices and high quality. If you have any intention to source wire mesh from China, then Anping “the home of wire mesh”, will be a good place to start!

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