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As part of the recent renovations of our website here at China Performance Group, we will be introducing a new company blog system. Our aim is to deliver even more insight not only into the way that we do business at CPG, but also into life and doing business in China.

China is currently the fastest growing economy in the world and quickly catching up to the United States, challenging it as the world’s biggest economic superpower. Being able to conduct business in China is becoming more and more of a necessity in this globalized world, however navigating the various language, culture, and political hurdles can still be notoriously difficult. Through our CPG blog, we hope to provide readers with a unique inside look at China providing different perspectives from both our US and China side. Our contributors are of many different cultures and backgrounds and will be sharing their unique experiences and viewpoints. By opening this forum, we hope to aid in navigating the challenges of global business and politics, while we attempt to bridge the still wide cultural divide between the East and West.

We value your comments and hope that you will share with us your own experiences whenever a post particularly appeals to your interests. Happy reading!

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