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So, you’ve successfully launched your business, you developed a great product and sales are increasing. The thing about e-commerce is that there are no geographical boundaries, your market is defined by the kind of customer you attract, not by where they live. If you have a customer base in the US, it makes sense that you could sell your product in other markets with a similar culture and background. Thus, Europe’s 450 million consumers must be attractive; you could theoretically double your business without changing your product.  But how do you sell to that market?

It is not as easy as it may sound.  For one, Europe is not a single market like the USA, it is an agglomeration of countries, all of which have unique rules, requirements, certifications, standards, and languages.  Note this recent article by e-commerce news.

Amazon, for example, is the largest e-Commerce platform there (it comprises roughly 30% of the European market), but market share may vary widely by country, and each may have different requirements. Yes, Europe (including the UK) is huge, but to be an effective seller there you must be able to navigate its complexities and access the best, most relevant platforms. Learning how to do that could take years and a lot of executive effort and finding a company that knows how to make things happen is valuable.

This is where Global E-Commerce Experts come in. They claim to offer access to the EU market in only 14 days. See CEO Andy Hooper in the short video linked below . They provide a turn-key solution that, in our opinion, makes great sense.

Global E-Commerce Experts (“GEE”) provides their clients with the expertise and infrastructure for US (and Canadian) e-commerce companies to expand into the UK and Europe.  They handle the regulatory and compliance paperwork (i.e., each EU member has unique VAT taxation obligations), can optimize and manage your eCommerce stores, and provide storage and fulfillment solutions so that you can sell not just on Amazon, but also on the other relevant European platforms including eBay, OnBuy, Shopify, Etsy, Otto, Zalando, and many more. They manage the whole process end-to-end and can get you started for as little as $1,000.

We view GEE as an essential supply chain system enabler. You could do what they do by yourself, in-house, but it would take you a lot of time and effort to assemble the kind of expertise and experience they possess. Based on the strength of their unique relationship with Amazon, in just the last couple of years they have made it possible for more than 2,000 US Amazon sellers to start selling within the EU and reach a massive new market

If you are looking to double your sales, entering the UK/EU market makes a lot of sense, and if you are not quite there but well on your way, working with GEE may be a worthwhile investment. The beauty of it all is that you can leverage what you already have—your product, your brand, your ideas, and your supply chain—and make more money by accessing more buyers.

At China Performance Group, we are always looking to make our clients more successful. If they can expand their market and increase profitability, it is an exponential win. We believe GEE can deliver on both counts.  In the meantime, the CPG team will make sure that their China Supply Chain delivers, no matter where the goods end up.

Let us know if the UK/EU market makes sense for you, and whether we can help in any way!


By Chris Volz

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