Sourcing in China: Need a Research Study?

As a sourcing company, we are always in tune with the China market –  suppliers, products,  policy, market trends, etc. Our clients, who receive ongoing services, benefit from this expertise. 

But what if you only need knowledge and expertise for a discrete project or issue, or the answer to a specific question? What if you only need a list of qualified suppliers, current market trends on raw materials, or more information on Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) standards from suppliers in your industry? 

In these instances, CPG’s research services might be exactly what you need.  The ability to do quality, in-depth research is extremely valuable because accurate data is difficult to come by. Furthermore, one must be careful when conducting such research because data that is readily available in the USA (such as ownership structure of a company; or the public profile of a person) may be illegal to obtain in China. Thus, having a team of experienced sourcing specialists familiar with local regulations to perform this research is important. 

CPG is happy to service long-term clients as well as those who have a limited need in such endeavors with our Research Studies. Below are examples of some of the standard research reports we offer: 

Supply market study: This research report can help improve your China buying and may cover the following topics: potential suppliers and their products and capacity to sell, along with new technologies, government policies, areas for possible savings, cost and availability of raw materials, etc.

Sales market study: This research report will help you sell your product in China and may cover the following topics: buyer and consumer studies, consumers’ capacities to buy your product, along with competitiveness analysis, government policies, sales methodologies, and areas to help improve sales and margins.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study: This report will analyze the impacts of your company’s practices on social and environmental factors, and can help your company move towards more ethically-oriented practices, which may also include elements of sustainability.  

These are just some of the areas where CPG can provide a deeper understanding into key questions that impact business development strategy, growth, and ultimately long-term business success. 

Do you have a specific research need requiring expert assistance? Share them with us and we’ll be happy to help! Or, feel free to Contact us for more information. 


By Jocelyn Trigueros

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