Sourcing From China: Why CPG?

We recently created a video to explain our services and approach in a digestible way (You can check it out here). In the process, we performed a deep analysis of our competitors, what they do well, what we do well – all of which gave us a deeper understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses. In this blog, we’ll share what sets us apart and how we stand out to those who source from China.  


When searching for a China sourcing company or agent, importers are looking for key elements that fit their needs. Here’s how CPG stands out: 


– Experience: CPG has been established and doing business in China since 1978. So we have over 40 years of experience dealing with China. 

– Management: We apply the western management practices you trust to the China supply chain. We have structures and processes to relieve importers of the burden of managing an entire office from afar. You manage us; your China team manages your China sourcing. It’s that simple. 

– Three Essentials: We center our supply chain management systems around the three things that matter most to all importers: Optimal pricing, quality assurance, and on-time delivery. 

– Communication: With offices in New Jersey and Beijing, you can rest assured that your CPG team speaks your language and is available to speak at any time. The basis of any relationship, business or personal, is effective communication. We carefully implement communication procedures to ensure that you and your China team are always on the same page. 

– Cost: It has become the industry norm for sourcing agents and companies to work on commission. At CPG, we feel the commission model doesn’t optimally benefit China importers, so we charge flat fees for our services. These fees are clearly stated upfront and based on the resources needed by each importer – you pay for what you need. For more information on our fee structure, see our Pricing page. 

– Transparency: CPG has been working with suppliers all over China for many years. While we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers, we do not have exclusive relationships with any supplier. Our priority is to ensure each supplier meets the needs of our clients. This means that all supplier information and data is shared with and belongs to our clients. 

All sourcing companies have different strengths and may focus on specific aspects of the supply chain. What do you look for in a sourcing management system? 


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