Choosing the Right Partners: CPG Launches Its Partnership Page  

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;  together we can do great things.  ”

– Mother Teresa   

In America, many children are taught that they can do anything-be anything, with hard work and determination. While this is inspiring, few individuals achieve greatness working alone. Collaboration, networking, sharing of ideas and principles are integral to the success of many.  

The same holds true with business–very few companies are able to forge success independently. Just as with the individual professional, it is important for businesses to network, to find partners who possess more expertise or knowledge in a given discipline, and who operate based on shared principles and core values.  Such a synergy enhances your ability to create better products and services for your clients, and enables rapid and sustained growth.  

Our belief in tapping into and benefiting from other people’s skill sets has helped CPG grow for over 40 years. In the complex and multi-faceted world of the China supply chain, it was essential for us to recognize other people’s expertise and incorporate that in our service offering. Today, this mindset allows us to focus on our unique strengths and expertise–managing the China supply chain–while others focus on what they do best. Realizing the importance of this tenet, we decided to launch our Partnership Page to introduce some of the companies that have added value to us and to our clients in recent years.    

Please note that listing them as “partners” does not imply we have any equity ownership in them; we do not.  They are “partners” because we believe their values, vision, and special capabilities could elevate your business to the next level in ways CPG, by itself, cannot. Our selection process involved the following: 

– Shared values. Partnership is about trust.  When two companies have similar core values, trust naturally flourishes.    
– More is better. CPG manages the first segment of the China supply chain, but many of our clients seek more support from other experts. The expertise of the selected partners complements the sourcing services we provide.  
Caring. CPG forms long-term relationships with its clients and cares about their success.  Their success translates in our success. 
– Filtering. Knowing what you need is one thing. Finding the right fit with a reliable company is another Every time we select a partner, we ask ourselves: Would CPG hire this company? 

In this increasingly challenging global business environment, having the right Partners can help businesses not only succeed, but thrive. We hope the launch of our Partnership Page will help foster growth and success for you.  

We’d love to hear your views. What partners do you work with? Which companies would you recommend for specific services?   

– By Chris Volz


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