Navigating Growth And Development At CPG, A Leader In China Sourcing – Exclusive Interview With Laura Dow

Here at CPG, we’re excited to announce that Laura Dow, Business Director, recently unveiled the strategies, challenges, and triumphs behind steering a company in the competitive landscape of China in an exclusive interview with Brainz Magazine.

Laura Dow, a seasoned explorer with diverse passions, leads CPG’s charge in helping global companies enhance their China operations and boost profitability. In her interview, she shared her unique background, from starting as a Peace Corps volunteer in China to becoming a driving force in the sourcing industry. Her role involves managing growth, business development, marketing, client success, and finance.

What makes Laura’s story even more intriguing is her commitment to understanding international clients on a personal level. Hailing from a small town in Maine, Laura’s genuine interest in her clients’ business models, visions, and goals sets the stage for impactful collaborations. Her pivotal moments in the Peace Corps and graduate school in China shaped her perspective, emphasizing the importance of focusing on people in the ever-evolving landscape of U.S.-China relations.

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Interview with Laura Dow

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