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At CPG, we believe that business is about people and sourcing is about relationships. An essential part of your supply chain is your relationship with your China team.

When you work with CPG, our Beijing team becomes your China team. While your China team will have two people, a Team Leader, and a Sourcing Specialist, it will tap into the knowledge and expertise of our Beijing staff of 40, also known as, The Inside Team.

Normally, it would take years of sustained effort and management to develop a team of China sourcing specialists that functions as your own employees. Luckily, CPG provides this resource to its clients: an instant and professional team of your own that understands your vision, key objectives, products, and priorities. In effect, the Inside Team provides you with all the advantages of your own dedicated and accountable sourcing team in China without the management burden.

CPG’s Inside Team comprises many essential roles to execute and deliver on your needs. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to some of them!

CPG’s China Team

Mr. Evan Xu, Director of China Operations, has been with CPG for more than 20 years and knows the business inside out. Evan will supervise all aspects of your sourcing program including strategy, product research, vendor relations, factory audits, and supply chain analysis. He focuses on the constant improvement of CPG’s services. Email:

Fun Fact: He is becoming a great cook at home.

Mr. Michael Zhang, Business Intelligence Manager, has been with CPG for over 20 years and manages the research and analysis department. He is proficient in market research, competitive analysis, and sales and marketing planning. He has industry experience in machinery, building and construction materials, and environmental products.

Fun Fact: He recently completed “The Eight Brocades” – a Chinese Qigong exercise done slowly and with awareness of your entire body working together.

Coral Li, Sourcing Manager, has a BA in English & majored in International Project Management at the University of International Business & Economics. Coral joined CPG in 2011 & is qualified in product research, vendor qualification, order & logistics management, & client communication & trip support.
Coral manages her team leaders’ sourcing programs & is responsible for CPG’s sourcing performance.

Fun Fact: Coral walks 3km commuting, and leaves cars in the dust!

Jack Li, QA Team Leader, graduated in 2011 from Henan Institute of Technology with a major in Design and Manufacturing of Mould. He Joined CPG in 2013. He promotes teamwork and is committed to ensuring that the ordered products meet the quality criteria confirmed by our clients. Jack reports to Coral and works closely with each sourcing team to prevent quality problems.

Fun Fact: Jack is extremely fond of beer and enjoys ancient Chinese poetry.

Christina Zhao, Team Leader, majored in International Economics and Trade at Anyang Institute of Technology, and she joined CPG in 2016. She is very familiar with the international trade process and relevant rules. With more than 8 years of experience in international business, she handles clients’ day-to-day operations professionally. Christina is fluent in English and Mandarin; she reports to Coral.

Fun Fact: She loves reading and likes to tell wonderful stories to her little boy.

Helen Li, Team Leader, graduated from Beijing Zhongxing College of Business Management with a major in Business English. She has a good command of English. She joined CPG in 2017. Helen started working in purchasing and international trade after graduating from college and has been working in the field for nearly ten years. During that time, she accumulated experience in sourcing and business negotiation. Helen is fluent in English and Mandarin; she reports to Coral.

Fun Fact: Helen loves to ride a scooter and enjoys the feeling of speed when in a traffic jam!

Aurora Zhai, Sourcing Specialist, graduated from Qingdao Oriental Foreign Language College, and her major is English. She has many years of rich experience in sourcing various kinds of products. Aurora joined CPG in 2021 and deals with your daily price inquiries, monitors production, quality control, and on-time delivery, as well as updates the Project List.  Besides that, she will also update and maintain the Shipping Schedule once you place orders.

Fun Fact: She likes cooking & learning creative dishes and shares with her friends.

Lisa Zhang, Sourcing Specialist, graduated from Shandong University and majored in English. She has years of experience in sourcing food and beverages, and furniture and accessories. Lisa joined CPG in 2021 and contributes to daily price inquiries, production monitoring, and logistics management for clients. Her mother tongue is Mandarin and she speaks good English. She is curious about anything new. If a new product or an activity emerges, she is eager to try it!

Fun Fact: The first time she tried skiing, which seemed super easy, she could hardly move and fell!

Zoe Li, Sourcing Specialist, has a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Engineering from Zhongyuan University and Technology. She has many years of experience in sourcing clothes, fabrics, and accessories. Zoe joined CPG in 2021 and She handles daily price inquiries, monitors factories’ production, quality control, and on-time delivery, and updates the Project Lists for different clients. She reports to Helen.

Fun Fact: She loves cooking and baking for her family, she also likes sports, such as brisk walking, and cycling.

Dora Li, Sourcing Specialist, graduated from Xingtai University; She majored in International Trade and joined CPG in 2022. She handles your day-to-day operations, monitors your factories, updates the Project List, and maintains your Shipping Schedule. Her mother tongue is Mandarin and she can speak English. Dora is interested in skiing and photography.

Fun Fact: She loves roller skating.

Hank Hong, Quality Control Engineer, graduated in 2014 from Henan Polytechnic Institute with a major in Design and Manufacturing of Mould. He Joined CPG in 2022. He promotes teamwork and is committed to ensuring that the ordered products meet the quality criteria confirmed by our client. He reports to Jack and each sourcing team, who work together to prevent quality problems.

Fun Fact: While fishing, he was pulled into a fish pond by the fish.

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– The CPG Team

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