Chinglish on the Menu

To help celebrate The Fourth of July, we’ve prepared… another installment of “The Chinglish Column!” Anyone having “Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles” for their Independence Day barbecue?

Chinglish on the Menu- Seafood Family

The Seafood Family, and everyone’s invited! Even uncle sea cucumber, even though he smells kind of weird.

Chinglish on the Menu- Mountain Fresh Meatballs Bacteria

There’s nothing like “Mountain Fresh Meatballs Bacteria” to start off a meal!

Chinglish on the Menu- Moo Meat

“Moo Meat”- but that certainly does not look like beef.

Chinglish on the Menu- Linked to the Blood

“Linked to the Blood” …but what is it linked to??

Chinglish on the Menu- Hand Tore Goose

That’s right: Hand… Tore… Goose…

Dry Pot Baby Food

Dry Pot Baby Food

Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles

Aromatherapy Pig Knuckles- Mmmm sounds fragrant and relaxing

Chinglish on the Menu- Soup Baby Food

Baby-food or Baby food…?

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