Chinese Sourcing Areas of Christmas Products

In addition to our blog post about Chinese translations of a variety of Christmas products, here is some background information about sourcing these products from China. There are two main sourcing areas of Christmas products in China, the Pearl River Delta and the Lower Yangtze River. Both these areas are considered to be rapidly expanding industrial areas and the epicenter of manufacturing in China.

The Pearl River delta is located in the south of China, and the area’s most well known cities are Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan. This area exploded with commerce after the Reform and Opening of China during the late 1970s and 80s. The favorable conditions enhancing the development of this economic zone were, of course government policy, as well as the proximity to Hong Kong and Macau, both having a more “Western culture” and major commercial ports. The development of the production of Christmas products also grew during this time, and there were even reports that the White House tree for the Clinton administration was manufactured in the Pearl River Delta area.

In the 2000s, China saw a general transfer in manufacturing, especially for Christmas products, from the Pearl River Delta to the northern Lower Yangtze River Valley. The new area encompasses the Zhejiang province, and is close to the economic powerhouse of Shanghai. Generally most Christmas product production has moved to this area in most recent years.

As time goes on, suppliers are constantly diversifying the types of Christmas products and styles that are manufactured. The low cost of production is still very profitable so this industry is only projected to grow. Hopefully this information provided you a practical picture about sourcing areas of Christmas products in China. And please check out the blog with Chinese translations if you haven’t already.

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