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40+ years is a long time to have been in business. Did you know that CPG got its start doing what our clients do now? We started sourcing quality products from China at a lower cost in 1978. Since then, we’ve derived many lessons from our experience in China and used them to develop a business model that provides a unique solution to importers. This solution can be difficult for some importers to understand as it is very different from the traditional approach taken by the average China sourcing company or agent. 

Over the years, we have fine-tuned an approach to China sourcing that not only makes sense for us, but also for our clients. A win-win, if you will. An approach that allows us to make our clients’ interest a priority, and one that eliminates any conflict of interest between ourselves, our clients, and third-parties. We call our approach the China Sourcing Solution. 

What is The China Sourcing Solution to YOU?

The China Sourcing solution is essentially your own branch office in China, with your own professional and experienced China sourcing team tailored exactly to your needs. It is a managed solution to get you the result you seek, repeatedly and reliably, sans the overhead and management burden. 

What Are the First Steps? 

The beginning of any project or new initiative is discovery. We learn your needs and objectives and evaluate the resources necessary to achieve your objectives. 

Based on this discovery phase, we set up a dedicated team to manage your sourcing needs and carry out your objectives. Your own China Sourcing Team. 

How Does it Work? 

Your team works for you – think of them as your own employees. These employees act as an extension of your home office but they are on the ground, in China. Your team will represent your interests and fight on your behalf. The size of the team depends on your needs. Typically, a team starts with two people but it can be as large or as small as you need depending on your objectives. 

The team can be used to: 

– Fill resource gaps in your China sourcing process, whether that means providing full sourcing services—RFQs, order placement, Quality Assurance, logistics, etc.—or just the aspects of service that you need. 

– If you already have an established supply chain, your team can work with and supplement your existing sourcing support system to optimize it and take it to the next level.


Your team would provide resources and expertise according to your unique needs but regardless of what your objectives are, your team would always maintain focus on the Three Essentials for a successful sourcing program – Price, Quality, and On-Time Delivery. 

What does it cost?

Unlike many other companies that mark up pricing or charge commissions, at CPG, you hire resources that add value to your business and this is all you pay for. You only pay for the resources you need. 

Traditional China sourcing companies usually have the same approach and business model as the next. They charge a commission based on orders placed. We feel that this presents a conflict of interest for the importer and sourcing company or agent. Our approach ensures there is no conflict of interest, and that your team works for you

Contact us  to find out how The China Sourcing Solution could work for you. 


By Jocelyn Trigueros

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in August 2020.

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