Are you having a Happy Niu Year?

Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Ox! Is your Niu Year off to a good start? 

First off, a Chinese lesson! No, we haven’t forgotten how to spell…

In Chinese, the character for Ox is 牛. This character is pronounced niú in Mandarin, which sounds similar to “new” in English. Thus, Happy “Niu” Year is a cute way of wishing someone a Happy New Year of the Ox! 

So, what do we have to look forward to this year? What does this Ox year have in store for us? In Chinese tradition, the Ox Represents reliability, strength, fairness, patience, kindness, methodology, calmness, and trustworthiness. And, not that we are superstitious or anything, but this is supposed to be a lucky year for the Ox and a perfect one to focus on relationships. 

So let’s be bullish and think about how these qualities could impact our supply chain this year. 

Reliability: That is what you will get with a strong team working with you on the China side. 

Strength: Vision, coupled with reliability will deliver for your clients and will strengthen your business.  

Fairness: Getting a fair deal, and being in a position to give a fair deal. 

Patience: What you needed to wait out the storm and which will enable you to time your next move exquisitely. 

Kindness: The empathy and compassion you show others in the course of doing business. 

Methodology: The rigorous procedures you will use to get things done. 

Calmness: What will happen when you know everything is under control

Trustworthiness: The ultimate accolade your clients will give you when they realize how reliable you are. 

This Niu Year just started, and it will bring new opportunities!   We all hope yours will be happy and bountiful!

By The CPG Team

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