Apple Computers and China Performance Group

Steve Jobs, one of the great minds of our time, has recently passed away. He was much admired for contributing to the world of innovation in technology, music, and style, changing the way most of us live our lives. CPG has not been excluded from this influence, and in fact has largely embraced Apple’s products for decades. China Performance Group holds innovation as one of its core values, and so it may be no coincidence that CPG’s history with Apple can be traced back as far back as to 1984. As a tribute to Steve Jobs’ genius, I wanted to take the opportunity to trace this history and offer a thank you for the contributions he and his vision have made to our business.

Classic Macintosh Computers on Display

Macintosh Classic and Macintosh SE/30 computers on display in the CPG Beijing Office

The Macintosh 512k was the first Apple computer CPG purchased. CPG continued to upgrade to the Plus, SE, SE/30, and Classic Macintosh computer. The early Powerbook laptops would eventually be added to our CPG arsenal as well.

Macintosh Powerbook 140

CPG’s Macintosh Powerbook 140

At one point the company had 30 Classic Macintosh Computers in the Beijing Office alone. This was quite an investment considering a single computer could cost up to $6,500!

CPG appreciated the Macintosh computer interface and the ease of use. This does not mean that there were no hardships when working with such a unique software that was not yet as widely accepted as it is today. At the time the Chinese character fonts were not available. Michael De Clercq remembers, “We were early users of Chinese characters on Mac… I remember how we were anxiously waiting for that software…”

From the Macintosh 512k with an 8MHz processor speed and no storage space to the newest iPhone 4S at 800MHz processor speeds and up to 64GBs of storage space, Computers have come a long way. To this day many CPG employees still use an Apple computer as their primary workstation.

The current advancements in technology are made possible by forward thinking individuals who bring their ideas to reality. CPG has worked with and experienced this development first hand and is excited to integrate and grow with the future in technology.

  • David De Clercq- Business Development Manager

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