5 Tips for Making Your Prototype in China

5 Tips for Making Your Prototype in China

So you have a great concept and design and now you need a prototype to show and attract investors, test for viability, marketability, etc. China offers great value for prototypes but there are several tips to keep in mind when making your prototype in China. Take a look at these 5 tips for making your prototype in China that will help you along in the process.


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1. Be sure you understand each other
Communication is vital and when dealing across borders and cultures it can be hindered.  You should make sure you have someone in the communication process who can translate correctly from English to Chinese and vice versa. Providing as much detail about your needs and expectations, while also confirming their understanding of what you have said will prohibit a lot of headaches and wasted time.

2. Use international measurements and clear language
Specifications of your prototype should be in international measurements to avoid problems. Feet and inches are not used worldwide and therefore it’s a better idea for you to ensure the correct conversion of the measurements than risk a misunderstanding of the company making your prototype.

3. Think about getting a patent or a non-disclosure agreement
It’s important to protect your idea and prototype because if you think it’s a good enough idea, others might too and copy it! China doesn’t have the same intellectual property rights as other countries and so it’s important that you maintain the rights for your prototype.

4. Verify the quality of material
Learn about the type of quality certificates you could need for the materials for your prototype. Then you can be sure if a certain grade of metal is needed, it should be as strong or flexible as your design calls for. Similar to the first tip, communicate your needs, even with materials, so you are fully satisfied.

5. Maintain good business relationships
Finding a company to make your prototype in China is easy with so many possible options. Shop around and think about the budget for your prototype. Often the prototype will be cost-free, with the understanding that you will continue working with them to manufacture batches of that item when the time comes. If you are satisfied with your working relationship, continuing it should be a no-brainer!

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find a place to make your prototype and with these 5 tips, we hope your endeavor to make your prototype in China is done with ease.


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