4 Tips for Sourcing T Bolts in China

More and more companies are sourcing their construction materials from China, ranging from complete building constructions to small items, like T bolts.
I’d like to introduce 4 tips that can help you with sourcing T Bolts in China.

T Bolts in China

1. Quality Specifications
Like any other product quality comes first. It is important that you provide the right specifications in order to get the expected quality for your T Bolt production.

  • The mechanical property should be specified in advance and inspected after production is finished.
  • The dimensions of the T Bolts should be strictly according to the drawing
  • The thread of the T Bolts should meet certain testing such as the GO/NOGO gauge test

T Bolt Sourcing China          T Bolt manufacturing China

2. Material Use
The common materials for T bolts are carbon steel or stainless steel, according to the requirement of the buyers. Stainless steel material can be A2 equal to SS304 and A4 equal to SS316.

3. Customized Length and Diameter of Thread
In general the thread length and diameter will be according to the standard GBT-193. But keep in mind that the thread length and diameter of T bolts can be customized.

4. Main Fabrication Area
T Bolts are manufactured in most provinces of China, such as Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai.
We’ve helped clients source their T Bolts successfully from Shandong and Hebei province. The quality and pricing has been competitive from these areas.

Sourcing T Bolts

I hope these 4 tips can help you with your sourcing decisions which are just a part of controlling the China segment of the supply chain. See our recent Webinar about ‘How to control your supply chain in China’ here! I would love to hear your own experiences with sourcing items like T Bolts in China!

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