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What is my target price when sourcing from China?


We have been helping importers with their China supply chain management for 45 years now. And many businesses that come to us for help share a common concern – pricing. However, one of the very first questions we ask new clients – what is your target pricing? Many of them...

Sourcing from China using Wholesale Markets


Chinese wholesale markets are a great tool for anyone looking to experiment with importing goods for their small business. In this guide, we will cover wholesale markets in China, and important tips on dealing with wholesale suppliers and importing. Why buy direct from China wholesale markets?  Wholesale markets in China...

10 China Sourcing Terms All Businesses Should Know


For those new to China sourcing, some of the lingo can seem confusing. In this blog, we’ll summarize the top 10 terms most commonly used in supply chain management that all importers should know. Glossary of Sourcing Terms: -Blanket Order: This is a purchase order in which the buyer places...

Maximizing Your Shipping Success: Tips for Dealing with US Customs When Sourcing from China


If you are new to China direct buying or your supply chain management in China is new, it can be easy to overlook US customs. When you have good communication with your manufacturer, unexpected issues—such as your items have been refused entry or the customs tax on this container of...

Late Delivery? 3 Tips on Overcoming China Sourcing Delays


There are many delays that can occur when sourcing from China, but most can be avoided or minimized with the right preparation. Below are a few tips that can reduce the risk of delay and mitigate its damage when it occurs: Place orders early: You’ll want to start the sourcing...

China Supply Chain Management: Placing Orders


Many companies seek agents in China sourcing to save on first costs. Seems relatively straightforward, right? Not so fast. Sourcing from China is a complicated process, of which every single stage requires careful attention. Even the savviest of importers can run into trouble if they start getting lax about their...

Is Doing Nothing Costing You More Than You Think?


Experienced importers with deep knowledge of China and its culture are able to realize savings and increase their revenue. But not all importers have that background. We previously covered this topic in the blog series “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?” In that blog, we explored what happens when...

Best Product Categories to Source From China


Are you thinking about having your production moved to China? With the recent news on tariffs (see our 8-part blog series on the China trade war) many are waiting to see what happens before they begin to buy direct from China. In this blog, we’ll share the best product categories...


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