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Supply Chain Planning for Omnichannel Retail


For years, many retail companies have been moving towards online stores and shopping, and the pandemic served to accelerate this trend. For the end user, this meant new choices and new experiences, real multiple channels to buy merchandise. For businesses supplying these end users, omnichannel retail has become a hot...

Amazing Days Part Two: Adding Value


This is the second installment of a blog series written by sourcing specialist Moon Mu on why she loves working in supply chain management. Moon strives to achieve maximum benefits for CPG clients, resulting in amazing days for all! See here for Part 1.  The main objective of CPG’s China...

Sourcing in China: Need a Research Study?


As a sourcing company, we are always in tune with the China market -  suppliers, products,  policy, market trends, etc. Our clients, who receive ongoing services, benefit from this expertise.  But what if you only need knowledge and expertise for a discrete project or issue, or the answer to a...

The effect of power shortages in China


The Chinese government published a national policy in September 2021 to limit the usage of electricity in high energy consumption industries, such as cement, metal raw material, and textile. Why has this happened? How can importers offset delays in production due to power shortages? The main reasons are as follows...

7 Steps to Protect Your IP


One of the questions I am asked most often is how to protect Intellectual Property (IP) when manufacturing goods in China. This scrutiny is justified: nobody wants their idea stolen by their manufacturer and since China is the “supplier of the world,” it receives extra scrutiny. But let’s be clear:...

The Importance of Product Categorization: Part two – How Does CPG Categorize Products?


In our last blog, we discussed why product categorization is important to ensure products meet requirements and quality standards. In this blog, we will describe how CPG employs this process. CPG categorizes products based on two aspects: Industry and Product Maturity. Categorization Based on Industry Industrial: CPG has been sourcing...

The Importance of Product Categorization: Part one – Product and Industry Knowledge


CPG prides itself on being “product agnostic.” We often say: if you can buy or make it in China, we can help. However, certain specifics about the type of product you are sourcing and its maturity in the market are important because this influences both the timeline to complete your...

Offshoring or Local Manufacturing: Key Factors to Consider


With global inflation affecting the entire world, and particularly with logistics and freight costs at unprecedented highs, more and more people are asking important questions about offshoring: - Does it still make sense to offshore? - Is it worth it? - What factors should I consider before I chose to...


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