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Culture: How it Affects the Success of Your China Supply Chain


“Company culture is the shared values, attributes, and characteristics of an organization... [I]t encompasses a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, leadership style, values, ethics, expectations, and goals. Alternate names: Organizational culture, corporate culture, workplace culture”    - Alison Doyle.  “If you want to provoke a vigorous debate, start a...

China Sourcing Company: The China Sourcing Solution™


40+ years is a long time to have been in business. Did you know that CPG got its start doing what our clients do now? We started sourcing quality products from China at a lower cost in 1978. Since then, we’ve derived many lessons from our experience in China and...

Case Study: How a Chemical Manufacturing Company Leveraged CPG And Saved $700k Annually


Managing the China supply chain has become more challenging than ever given recent global events, even if you have your own employees working in China.  Background One company, a chemical manufacturer, had two full-time sourcing employees in China. They were well paid, competent, well versed with the industry and its...

The Top 10 China Sourcing Companies Part 2: The Scoring


Last week we published our Top Ten List of China Sourcing Companies, which ranks companies in a systematic and transparent manner.  See the blog and list again here: Part 1: The List This week we reveal the analysis behind the list - our comprehensive scoring system, what metrics we used...

Top 10 China Sourcing Companies Part 1: The List


Sourcing from China offers tremendous cost savings, especially if you buy directly from Chinese factories. To do so, you need the right on-site support. (To learn more about why on-site support is essential – see The Cost of Doing Nothing.) But what does on-site support mean, exactly? For large importers, this...

Independence Day and Your China Supply Chain


On this Fourth of July we have been thinking about the value of independence in the China supply chain.  Great buyers like to be in control. By “independence” we mean that buyers are “not dependent” on the whim of any particular supplier but are firmly in control of their own...

The China Sourcing Solution: The 5 steps to sourcing success – Part 3


This week’s blog is the final part of a three-part series on CPG’s China Sourcing Solution, which provides you, the importer, with an expert sourcing team in China (Read Part 1 and Part 2).   As discussed, implementing the China Sourcing Solution comprises the following five steps:    – Step 1: Understanding...

IP Protection: NDA or NNN?


Most importers have many of the same concerns when sourcing in China, one being the ability to protect their IP (Intellectual Property). It’s important for businesses to protect their homegrown ideas because it sets them apart from competitors, and can be used as a vital source of revenue. So how...


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