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China Sourcing: Robots to beat tariffs?


The impending tariffs and the trade war with China have been an ongoing and popular topic in the press, and an especially important issue in our business. One of the benefits of this kind of activity is that importers are focused on reducing COGS (Cost of goods sold). A recent...

Sourcing and Toilets in a Changing China


China has gone through some major economic changes in the last 2 decades. Some of which probably affected how you buy and what you buy in China. In a recent article from Stansberry Pacific Research’s Asia Wealth Investment Daily, we found a great review of some of these changes.  Worth...

China Sourcing: An Update on China Tariffs Deadline


Four weeks ago, I shared with youMichael De Clercq’s blog about his predictions on a positiveoutcome of the additional tariffswith China. As you know, President Trump originally set a deadline of March 1st. We are now at that deadline and,a few days ago, we all learned that hepostponed this deadline...

Interview with a China Sourcing Specialist


We field a lot of questions about China sourcing and the management of the China supply chain, such as: How is it done? How hard is it? What are the pitfalls? etc.   The best answers are provided by China sourcing specialists.  To address some of these questions we thought we...

“Made in China” – Quality and Perception: Background of Chinese Production and Exports


As we wrote in our last blog, “Made in China” – Quality and Perception: Intro, China has been known as a source for cheap goods with questionable quality for years. In this blog series, we’ll be exploring how China ended up with this reputation and what technological and economic advancements...

The Year of the Pig


In the US, we celebrate the New Year on January 1st, with festivities on the eve of the new year. We all get together, throw parties, pour champagne, count down to midnight and take part in our own traditions. There are all kinds of traditionsthatmake us happy,bring good luck and...

“Made In China” – Quality and Perception: Intro


In August, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported on a “$30 million Glass Pavilion [built as] a symbol of America’s ‘Glass City’” in 2006 in Toledo, Ohio. However, this monument, meant to celebrate the city’s great manufacturing past of quality glass, actually was built using glass sourced from China. The...

US-China trade war: What will happen to tariffs in March?


USA businesses that buy Chinese goods are adventurers.  They go to the other side of the world to secure supplies of low-cost products for their customers. They brave all sorts of challenges ranging from quality (whether it meets their expectations), price (whether they really got the best price), cost of...


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