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US-China trade war – 3: Why we have a trade dispute


So, now that we have imagined a plausible end, it would be appropriate to understand more about the beginning.  What started this trade dispute?  Three main issues: A growing trade deficit: China sells a lot more goods to the USA than the USA sells to China. The trade deficit with...

US-China trade war – Armageddon?


Armageddon: “the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times… The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario” - Wikipedia If you let your imagination run wild, and you try to picture where this trade conflict could...

US-China trade war – Predicting the unpredictable


In January I made a prediction on what would happen in March, namely: “… it will get better, … the new 25% tariffs will not be imposed and … previous tariffs will be reduced over time.” Time for me to eat humble pie.  Here we are in June, and after...

China Sourcing: What to include in the PSS?


There are many tools importers use to ensure success with a supplier. One of these tools is the Product Specification Sheet (PSS). This document is used to specify the buyer’s requirements and to ensure that they are implemented at the factory level by making them an integral part of the...

Ensuring Timely Delivery When Sourcing from China


There are many delays that can occur when sourcing from China, but most can be avoided or minimized with the right preparation. Below are a few tips that can reduce the risk of delay and mitigate its damage when it occurs: Place orders early: You’ll want to start the sourcing...

The Evolution of IP protection in China


  China has been heavy in the media lately, mostly because of the US-China Trade War. However, a recent article from the Economist’s Schumpeter blog caught our eye. In the midst of all the news on tariffs, this article, Chinese Firms are not all serial intellectual-property thieves, actually highlights some of...

Made In China Quality and Perception: The 12th 5 Year Plan – Part 5


In the last blog installment we published of this series, Made In China Quality and Perception: Improving Standards and Improving Quality – Part 4, discussed the recovery China made after dealing with major quality scandals and recalls between 2007 and 2008. This week, we continue the series and will examine...

China Sourcing: Embezzlement and Fraud


This is a tough topic to tackle.  Most of us would like to think that Chinese suppliers are nice and honest, they just focus on making a living, the best they can.  We don’t want to even think that some of them can be dishonest, and worse, that some of...


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