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Nightmarish Tales of China Sourcing: Time, Money, and Toy Dolls Gone Rogue


Once upon a time, in a world where every product seemed to bear the tag “Made in China,” there existed a treasure trove of China-sourcing horror stories. These stories will make you cringe, shrink, and pity the companies involved. From recalls that threatened global giants to rogue toy dolls in...

CPG’s Quarterly Newsletter – Q4 2023


  Welcome to CPG's Q4 Newsletter! Our newsletters summarize recent events and talk about China supply chain trends. This quarter we discuss what you must consider before making your business trip to China, hidden opportunities for buyers in the midst of China's slow growth this past summer, fortifying your China...

Buying From China and the Importance of Contracts


We’ve all heard the saying, “The greater the risk; the greater the reward.” Although the risk/reward concept makes sense in most cases, let us not exaggerate. Sourcing and procurement is a risky and complex process in and of itself. If you want to reap rewards from buying directly from China,...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Importing From China


Importing from China never comes easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Despite difficulties, there are a number of ways importers can make their sourcing supply chain run more smoothly. At the same time, there are a number of ways to make China sourcing seem impossible. One good way...

CPG’s Quarterly Newsletter


  Welcome to CPG's first Quarterly Newsletter! Our newsletters will summarize recent events and talk about China supply chain trends. This quarter we discuss how to protect your IP in China, China's deflationary trend, communication in your supply chain, market trends, trade shows, shipping costs, and more! As always, we...

Sourcing from China using Wholesale Markets


Chinese wholesale markets are a great tool for anyone looking to experiment with importing goods for their small business. In this guide, we will cover wholesale markets in China, and important tips on dealing with wholesale suppliers and importing. Why buy direct from China wholesale markets?  Wholesale markets in China...

Is Doing Nothing Costing You More Than You Think?


Experienced importers with deep knowledge of China and its culture are able to realize savings and increase their revenue. But not all importers have that background. We previously covered this topic in the blog series “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?” In that blog, we explored what happens when...

Buy Direct from China or Italy? 3 Things Importers Should Know


  For many years, importers thought long and hard about moving their supply chain to China because of the “poor quality” stigma. Despite vast improvements in quality over the last 30 years, many people ignore the fact that, for instance, super-high-quality electronic products are made in China (see the first...


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