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3 Tips to Get the Right Quote For RFQ (Your Request for Quotation)


When working through a proper sourcing process, one important step to understand is dealing with a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This is a standard business process that allows suppliers to place bids on specific products or services. Here are 3 great tips to a get the quotes you are looking...

What Taxes is a Chinese Factory Paying?


Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It is true that no enterprise in the world can avoid paying taxes, which poses the question: What taxes do Chinese factories currently pay? The following post will outline the various types...

High Value China- The New China


These days it's not hard to find news predicting the end of China's manufacturing growth, marking the recent slowdown of China’s manufacturing and export industry, with reports showing that China manufacturing activity fell to a 32 month low in November 2011, slowed down by a slump in the global economy....

Products Made in China, Standards Set in America


The ‘Made in China’ mentality is something that the Western world has become very accustomed to since China “opened for business” in the 1970’s. Unfortunately there have been numerous instances throughout the years since that have shaped this view, and many do not shed a positive light on foreigners' impressions...

Chinese Shoe “Dumping” and European Retaliation


What Does "Dumping" Mean? In economic terms, "dumping" is used to describe any type of predatory pricing, especially when dealing with international trade. In particular, when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price either below the price charged in its home market, or in quantities that are...

Is the China Manufacturing Industry Losing its Competitive Edge?


The Confucian concept of Yin and Yang is a concept that the Chinese are not only comfortable with, but attempt to apply to their business, lives and society. The contradiction of equal forces and the pulling in two different directions balances one. China has not seen much balance since Deng...


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