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The Advantages of LCL versus FCL When Shipping


LCL, or Less than Container Load, is a shipping service offered by many freight companies as a way of saving money and being more efficient. There are many advantages of LCL but is it really the best choice for you? Let’s look at the key issues when considering using LCL...

The 10 Largest Ports in China


The 10 Largest Ports in China The largest ports in China have grown with China’s exports over the past few decades, with the 10 largest ports in China now among the biggest in the world. Of the world’s 50 biggest ports, China now boasts 12 of them and 5 of...

ECE Certification


ECE Certification History of ECE Certification The regulations of United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (commonly referred to as ECE) have been a standardization method in Europe since the 1950s. With globalization, more countries have adopted these regulations because of the increased awareness of the benefits of unified regulations. Initially, Europe,...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing from Chengdu


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing from Chengdu From the capital of the Sichuan province on China’s Western side, Chengdu has developed into a strong high-tech zone benefiting from its robust performance in service outsourcing. Fields in Transformation In particular the technology, the outsourcing, and the shared service areas have seen...

Wire Mesh in China


The use of wire mesh in construction works is almost innumerable. However, many foreign companies who are in the market to buy wire mesh in China are unfamiliar with this small county - Anping, “the home of wire mesh.” This should serve as an introduction to Anping and its unique...

China: From Factory Workers to Domestic Buyers


The global economy is yet to recover from the after effects of the perilously deep recession. Europe remains under the grim clutches of a sovereign debt crisis and the USA is facing a fiscal cliff in 2013. Global demand is slowing and for the workshops of Asia, in order to...

Sourcing In Yiwu


Unknown to many, there exists a small city by the name of Yiwu that has been the first sourcing choice of many foreign companies. If you want to know more about sourcing in Yiwu then this entry will give you a brief understanding and introduction about this unique city. Yiwu...

Identifying Issues During Order Follow Ups


Typically, as soon as a purchase order is signed with a factory, an important next step is to engage in order follow ups. This is to ensure that your suppliers are in line to produce the correct product, level of quality, special requests, shipment dates, etc. However, there can be...


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