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Case Study:  A Global Packaging Supplier Fortifies Supplier Relationships with Robust Quality Control 


Background:  When sourcing products overseas, building long-term partnerships with quality suppliers can provide a strong foundation for a sustainable, thriving supply chain.  Managing these relationships from afar often requires a significant investment of time and resources. After establishing a foundation of trust over time through long-term collaboration and a consistent...

Case Study: Leadership and Structure in Sourcing a New Product


Background Getting a foothold in a burgeoning market can be daunting.  Every decision can make or break your venture.  Trying to manage this process while sourcing in China only compounds the challenge. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns began to dominate the business marketplace, one promotional products company had...

Choosing the Right Partners: CPG Launches Its Partnership Page  


"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;  together we can do great things.  " - Mother Teresa    In America, many children are taught that they can do anything-be anything, with hard work and determination. While this is inspiring, few individuals achieve greatness working alone. Collaboration, networking,...

Case Study: How a Chemical Manufacturing Company Leveraged CPG And Saved $700k Annually


Managing the China supply chain has become more challenging than ever given recent global events, even if you have your own employees working in China.  Background One company, a chemical manufacturer, had two full-time sourcing employees in China. They were well paid, competent, well versed with the industry and its...

Want to expand to Europe? Check out Global E-commerce Experts


So, you've successfully launched your business, you developed a great product and sales are increasing. The thing about e-commerce is that there are no geographical boundaries, your market is defined by the kind of customer you attract, not by where they live. If you have a customer base in the US, it makes sense that you could sell your...


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