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3 Reasons the Chinese New Year Celebration Affects Exports (and what you can do about it)


As we all know, Christmas and Thanksgiving in the U.S. can cause delays in business due to scheduled closures. But did you also plan for possible delays due to holidays observed in China? If you buy direct from China, you need to know exactly how these holidays affect Chinese exports....

Are you having a Happy Niu Year?


Happy Year of the Ox! Is your Niu Year off to a good start?  First off, a Chinese lesson! No, we haven’t forgotten how to spell… In Chinese, the character for Ox is 牛. This character is pronounced niú in Mandarin, which sounds similar to “new” in English. Thus, Happy...

Photo Diary of a Chinese Hometown


Chinese New Year is a time when many Chinese who are working away from home take the time off to go back and visit home. I was no exception. The name of the town where I come from is Long Men, which comes from the Chinese idiom: Li Yu Tiao...

Chinese New Year: Celebration and Migration


As a recently moved expat living in Beijing, I was very fortunate to experience my first Chinese New Year in China. It’s really something watching a whole country of over a billion people shut down for a holiday as all of the factories we work with closed down for nearly...


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