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Tips To Find A Suitable Supplier In China


With the onset of the Internet and its ability to connect people from all over the world, it is becoming easier and easier for you to find a manufacturer for your product. China in particular has become a major beneficiary of this growth. With tools such as Alibaba or Global...

Managing Frequent Price Increases From Your Supplier


When looking for factories to work with in China, particularly in the south around cities like Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you’ll often run into large numbers of smaller factories. These may not sound ideal, however for many foreign buyers they present optimal business opportunities. With lower prices, acceptable quality, and greater...

How To Deal With Your Contact At A Factory Disappearing


As China’s economy has grown and wages increased, so have workers’ job expectations throughout the country. This has led to a much higher rate of job mobility, as Chinese are finding it easier to leave their jobs for better opportunities, either with more pay or closer to home. These days...

How Big Is The Canton Fair- An Infographic


CPG's first ever infographic. We hope you enjoy it! Click on the image to view the full resolution image and to embed on your own site! White Paper and Buyer's Checklist on The Canton Fair Check out our comprehensive white paper and companion "Buyer's Checklist". This is the ultimate resource...

Evaluating The Costs of Buying and Shipping From China


Prior to any purchase from China, one would be well advised to become familiarized with some key facts about how the country taxes Chinese manufacturers of goods to be exported overseas. Many may not be aware that the Chinese tax system presents some peculiarities as compared to other countries. Likewise,...

Avoiding Delays with Chinese Manufacturers


It’s never easy dealing with delivery delays in your China sourcing project, feeling like you’re stuck in a corner with a factory that insists there is nothing they can do. Dealing with a delay in production with shipping and delivery deadlines can be stressful, and the causes of these delays...

Investment Casting Basics


Investment casting, which is also known as “lost-wax casting” is one of the oldest manufacturing processes still in use today. Originally, beeswax was used to create the form around which a ceramic mold would be created, but today the technique has advanced far beyond as now “high-technology waxes, refractory materials,...

Beware Captive Buyer’s Syndrome- The Risks to your China Buying Program


There was an article we came across not too long ago on the popular China Law Blog called “Buying a Chinese Company? Why China Deals DON’T Get Done.” This was a great write up on, as the title suggests, why generally as a foreign company you DO NOT want to...


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