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Wire Mesh in China


The use of wire mesh in construction works is almost innumerable. However, many foreign companies who are in the market to buy wire mesh in China are unfamiliar with this small county - Anping, “the home of wire mesh.” This should serve as an introduction to Anping and its unique...

4 Tips for Sourcing T Bolts in China


More and more companies are sourcing their construction materials from China, ranging from complete building constructions to small items, like T bolts. I'd like to introduce 4 tips that can help you with sourcing T Bolts in China. 1. Quality Specifications Like any other product quality comes first. It is...

How to Control Quality Fade Issues


Quality fade is a supplier’s behavior of progressively degrading the quality of the products to earn more profits. When a factory voluntarily participates in quality fade, disputes may arise between the buyer and the supplier, which can ultimately lead to early termination of agreements. Quality fade is not an unknown...

Identifying Issues During Order Follow Ups


Typically, as soon as a purchase order is signed with a factory, an important next step is to engage in order follow ups. This is to ensure that your suppliers are in line to produce the correct product, level of quality, special requests, shipment dates, etc. However, there can be...

3 Tips to Get the Right Quote For RFQ (Your Request for Quotation)


When working through a proper sourcing process, one important step to understand is dealing with a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This is a standard business process that allows suppliers to place bids on specific products or services. Here are 3 great tips to a get the quotes you are looking...

3 General Tips on China Quality Control Inspections


In China, it can be difficult to find suppliers who pay as close attention to quality as you do. Often as a new client of a supplier, the quality of your first order (or first few) is satisfactory. But as orders and money come through regularly, suppliers become lax with...

10 Tips to Minimize Sourcing Issues


China continues to make changes year after year by continually adapting to the international market. Sourcing from China can be a fantastic way to improve your business, but it certainly is not easy. There are countless scenarios where a supplier can end up disappointing a buyer, many of which I...

What is ErP And How Is It Applied In China


What is ErP? ErP stands for “Energy-related Products” and is a classification primarily used by the European Union. US government run describes these products as ones “which indirectly impact energy consumption, such as windows and faucets among others [and] are also relevant for purposes of efficiency”. It is used...


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