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Increase of Women in Chinese Business


The phrase “The moon reflects the sunlight”, refers to women as subordinate to men. Symbolically, man is placed with the sun and women with the moon.  As an ethnically Asian Woman, I am aware of the harsh realities of life. Male dominance in business is still prevalent in countries like...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing from Chengdu


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing from Chengdu From the capital of the Sichuan province on China’s Western side, Chengdu has developed into a strong high-tech zone benefiting from its robust performance in service outsourcing. Fields in Transformation In particular the technology, the outsourcing, and the shared service areas have seen...

Developing a Smart City in China


Developing a Smart City in China What if China could reduce the time of traffic delays for its millions of commuters? Reduce the impact of the population growth on the environment? Or supply medical advice readily available through webcams at Chinese homes? All this is not some fantasy about life...

Main Areas of Shoe Production in China


Main Areas of Shoe Production in China The changing landscape of shoe manufacturing has led most companies from around the world to source their shoes from China. This blog will clarify the different areas of shoe production in China and explain what makes each area unique. There are four central...

Chinese Sourcing Areas of Christmas Products


In addition to our blog post about Chinese translations of a variety of Christmas products, here is some background information about sourcing these products from China. There are two main sourcing areas of Christmas products in China, the Pearl River Delta and the Lower Yangtze River. Both these areas are...

Chinese Translations of Christmas Products


Chinese Translations of Christmas Products “Jingle Bells,Jingle Bells…” Christmas is on the way! Soon is the arrival of one of the most important holidays in the Western world. Thanks in part to globalization and the commercialization of American holidays, Christmas has come to China as well. It’s not about to...

Speaking at CSR China Event


China Performance Group will be speaking on the 5th of December about Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in China. 20 students from The Netherlands are doing research in China on this topic named 'Sustainability in the Supply Chain'. The event will take place at the Dutch embassy in Beijing. Participating companies:...

Wire Mesh in China


The use of wire mesh in construction works is almost innumerable. However, many foreign companies who are in the market to buy wire mesh in China are unfamiliar with this small county - Anping, “the home of wire mesh.” This should serve as an introduction to Anping and its unique...


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