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Quality Management of the Production Process: Part Two


In part one, we discussed how “prevention is better than a cure” when it comes to Quality Assurance, and how to manage quality processes before production. In this blog we will discuss in detail our quality management processes during production. Specific measures for quality management during production  1. Supervise suppliers to...

Quality Management of the Production Process: Part One


CPG’s approach to quality control is one of PREVENTION. Quality management begins with avoiding problems. Our motto is “Prevention is better than a cure.” Quality management in the pre-production process Dr. Deming, the father of quality management, once said, “Quality is not tested, but produced.” Only in each link of...

China Sourcing: What to include in the PSS?


There are many tools importers use to ensure success with a supplier when they buy direct from China. One of these tools is the Product Specification Sheet (PSS). This document is used to specify the buyer’s requirements and to ensure that they are implemented at the factory level by making...

Is Doing Nothing Costing You More Than You Think?


Experienced importers with deep knowledge of China and its culture are able to realize savings and increase their revenue. But not all importers have that background. We previously covered this topic in the blog series “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?” In that blog, we explored what happens when...

China Sourcing Quality Control – When and How?


For a lot of importers, quality control is another step in the endless process of “How to Source from China.” But which step is it? Is it step 1? Step 3? Step 5? And how does the order affect your sourcing? Our opinion on the matter has always been this:...

China sourcing: The nightmare scenario


Processing a claim against a factory – Part II In last week’s blog, Processing a Claim Against a Factory – Part I, we talked about the main causes of a claim. It is important to understand that all claims are different when it comes to China sourcing, and there is...

China sourcing: The nightmare scenario – Part I


Processing a claim against a factory – Part I Reason for Claim Quality problems are the last thing people want to deal with when it comes to their China supply chain, but many importers experience these types of problems.  And let’s be clear: if you receive bad quality merchandise from...

How to Control Quality Fade Issues


Quality fade is a supplier’s behavior of progressively degrading the quality of the products to earn more profits. When a factory voluntarily participates in quality fade, disputes may arise between the buyer and the supplier, which can ultimately lead to early termination of agreements. Quality fade is not an unknown...


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