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Things you should know about designer bags and luggage manufactured in China


China Manufacturing: Designer Bags and Luggage It should be obvious to all that designer bags are great for almost every situation. They are the only thing you want to have on your arm if you are the sophisticated type and you've got an avalanche of cash when going on your...

Main Areas of Shoe Production in China


Main Areas of Shoe Production in China The changing landscape of shoe manufacturing has led many companies from around the world to source their shoes from China. Let's clarify the different areas of shoe production and purchasing in China and explain what makes each area unique. The Four Central Areas...

Product Categorization: Part one – Product and Industry Knowledge in China Manufacturing


If your sourcing needs involve any China manufacturing, we can help. CPG prides itself on being “product agnostic.” However, product specifics and market maturity greatly affect project timelines and costs. Why Categorize Your products? CPG sources a wide range of products to meet client needs. Different categories demand distinct industry...

The Future of Chinese Manufacturing


Economic data out this month is providing reassurance for those who trade with and source consumer products in China. New data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows industrial output up 6.3% during August from a year earlier, rising from 6% in July. The data suggests government spending and strong property sales...

Building a factory in China


Build your own factory or work with an existing factory? Now, this is a very pressing question. Simply put, if everything is done efficiently; the more of the supply chain you own/control, the cheaper the overall product should be to produce. Using this logic if you plan to have a...

Sourcing furniture from China


Sourcing furniture from China The furniture business is what you would call a quiet industry in the business world. You won’t see headlines about furniture on a daily basis, but everyone’s subconsciously talking about it. Everyone uses a piece of furniture on a daily basis, whether it be a chair,...

What is ErP And How Is It Applied In China


What is ErP? ErP stands for “Energy-related Products” and is a classification primarily used by the European Union. US government run describes these products as ones “which indirectly impact energy consumption, such as windows and faucets among others [and] are also relevant for purposes of efficiency”. It is used...

Managing Frequent Price Increases From Your Supplier


When looking for factories to work with in China, particularly in the south around cities like Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you’ll often run into large numbers of smaller factories. These may not sound ideal, however for many foreign buyers they present optimal business opportunities. With lower prices, acceptable quality, and greater...


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